Huawei’s market strategy during a really, really rough year

Huawei's market strategy

For Huawei’s smartphone business, 2020 was particularly difficult. On the one hand, under the trade ban signed by the United States in 2019, Huawei’s smartphones sold overseas cannot be equipped with Google’s GMS (Google Mobile Service), which has seriously affected their overseas sales of smartphones. Even though the Chinese smartphone brand launched HMS (Huawei Mobile […]

How Pinduoduo helps brands reach China’s low-tier city consumers

Pinduoduo C2M platform reaches low-tier consumers in China

Pinduoduo (PDD) was founded in 2015. After only 4 years, it became fourth largest internet company and the largest social e-commerce platform in China. Zheng Huang (Colin Huang), the founder of Pinduoduo, described it as a mixture of Costco and Disneyland, a combination of value-for-money and entertainment, in his 2018 letter to shareholders. Pinduoduo is […]

Chando: How this Chinese beauty brand continues to thrive in China’s rising beauty sector

Chando market strategy

Chando is a Chinese beauty brand founded in 2001 by the International Beauty Group Garan. Since then, it has been consistently considered as one of the top players in the domestic beauty market. During T-mall’s 2019 11/11 event, Chando was the top-performing domestic beauty brand with a 498 Million Yuan sales revenue. This is the fourth time Chando has […]

How Pechoin became the #1 Chinese skin-care brand

Pechoin market strategy KOL marketing

Pechoin accounts for the largest share of the skin care market in China. Sales of skin care have kept increasing over the years, reaching CNY 244.4 billion in 2019. It’s projected to grow by 4% in 2020 in light of COVID-19’s impact on the beauty industry. Pechoin (百雀羚), a brand of Shanghai Pehchaolin Daily Chemical (SPDC) is […]

Tips for co-branding in China as a foreign brand

Co-branding strategies in China for foreign brands

Co-branding strategies have been widely used and seem to work particularly well in the Chinese market. Over the past few years, many brands have successfully drawn traffic, boosted their sales and even rejuvenated their brand image in China through collaborating with other brands. Collaborations can come from completely different industries, such as the cooperation between […]

How SUPERMONKEY gym is transforming China’s fitness industry into a retail model

SUPERMONKEY China market strategy

Founded in 2014, the SUPERMONKEY gym chain started out as a 24-hour self-served gym box in Shenzhen. Within a year, it offered group class studios and expanded to Shanghai and Beijing in 2016 and 2018, respectively. To date, SUPERMONKEY owns more than 100 physical stores in prime areas of nine major cities across China, including […]

Keep: case study of the APP dominating China’s fitness market and inspiring millions

Keep fitness APP in China

How China’s booming fitness market has bred the rise of Keep. Relying on China’s robust economic advancements and Chinese people’s increasing health awareness, China’s fitness industry has boomed. In 2019, China has become the largest fitness market in the world with approximately 49,860 fitness clubs and 68.1 million members. An optimistic estimation is that China’s […]

How HomeFacial Pro grew from a niche brand to a mass skin care brand in China

HomeFacial Pro market strategy

HomeFacial Pro, or HFP in short, is a Chinese skin care brand founded in 2014 by Guangzhou Danke Internet Technology Co Ltd. It takes up a 0.9% brand share in the skin care market in China. The name “HomeFacial Pro” means professional skin care that can be enjoyed at home. HomeFacial Pro is one of […]

Chinese brand naming case studies in the pharmaceutical industry

Chinese names for pharmaceutical brands

Finding an appropriate Chinese brand name is an important step for any international brand entering China’s market as it is necessary for building brand equity among Chinese consumers. Hence, a brand that has taken care of adapting its name seems more reliable. Choosing an appropriate Chinese brand name is especially important in the healthcare industry, […]

Automotive industry in China: How carmakers compete for first place

Electric cars in China

Auto industry in China. China has been the world’s largest automotive market for years. That is why carmakers around the world are fighting to sell their cars to Chinese consumers. However, in a market mainly dominated by Chinese brands (42%), what are the trends and growth drivers that international carmakers can follow? The automotive sector […]