niche beauty brands in China

China Paradigm 123: Representing niche beauty brands in China

We interview Jean-Philippe Benoist, Founder and CEO at GED. GED helps establish cosmetics and niche beauty brands in China on eCommerce platforms and helps them drive sales in the Chinese market. Their services include both distribution and marketing. So what is GED’s winning formula for niche beauty brands integration on the Chinese market, which products tend to sell the fastest, and what are the pricing challenges when transitioning a product from the foreign market to the Chinese market? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this new China Paradigm podcast.

  • 00:00 Guest introduction
  • 14:29 GED – company size and services
  • 17:59 What does the price point look like when GED buys products from brands they want to be in business with?
  • 21:29 What is GED’s business model?
  • 26:58 Does GED tolerate Daigou trade?
  • 28:31 What is typically the initial cost for GED to start distributing a new niche beauty brands in China and how high was the very first funding to start the company?
  • 31:31 What would be the characteristics of brands that would have the potential to be big in China, in Jean-Philippe Benoist’s point of view?
  • 34:04 What revenue should a brand earn on their original territory before considering selling products in China?
  • 37:08 The Quick Win Formula for successful branding in China
  • 42:34 Using networks of KOLs to find out if the product could be a winner
  • 45:20 How has the beauty market evolved in China from Jean-Philippe Benoist’s perspective?
  • 51:30 How does GED handle competition from already established brands when introducing a new brand of make-up in China?
  • 55:46 Which products from the make-up sector have the most momentum in China right now?
  • 58:19 Why is festival promotion a phenomenon in China?
  • 1:03:18 Is live streaming part of the market strategy for GED?
  • 1:07:56 What books have inspired Jean-Philippe Benoist the most in his entrepreneurial journey?
  • 1:12:19 What unexpected success and failure has Jean-Philippe Benoist witnessed in China?
  • 1:16:44 Why does Jean-Philippe Benoist not have a Linkedin page?
  • 1:18:30 Outro

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