How are brands paving a greener path in China’s automobile, beauty, and fashion industry?


Under the reality of global warming, sustainable business practices have become increasingly important to align with the shift in Chinese consumers’ purchasing decisions toward greener alternatives. With the efforts of education on sustainability, flourishing exposure to social media, and the government’s commitment to carbon neutrality, sustainable transfer has accelerated among Chinese people, especially within younger […]

Lipstick market in China: driven by face value pricing and male beauty

Lipstick market in China

Under the influence of the “beauty value economy”, China’s cosmetics market has always attracted the attention of people who love beauty. According to Baogao, lipsticks accounted for 28% of the Chinese cosmetics market in 2019, with a year-on-year growth rate as high as 36.6%. The lipstick market in China will reach 30 billion yuan by […]

The clean beauty market in China: niche market led by foreign brands

clean beauty brands in China

The clean beauty market in China may be daunting for many international beauty brands.  Some brands like the American Kiehl’s and the French La Roche-Posay have successfully built their presence in the $75.35 billion US worth beauty and personal caremarket. While the market is predicted to increase to a value of $87.64 billion US by […]

The crackdown on plastic surgery ads in China: Balancing the beauty economy with surgery scandals and deaths

plastic surgery ads in China

In September 2021, Chinese state media called for stricter regulations on plastic surgery ads in China, mentioning its excessive pervasiveness and false claims. In the last decade, China’s aesthetic medicine experienced a period of steady growth, driven by rising consumer disposable income, enhanced consumer awareness and the emergence of hedonic values. Chinese aesthetic medicine market […]

INSBAHA x Sanxingdui Museum campaign: Marketing “antique” products to Gen-Z

INSBAHA x Sanxingdui Museum campaign

On July 12th the Chinese make up brand INSBAHA (原色波塔) released their new collaboration with the Sanxingdui Museum (三星堆博物馆) on all their Chinese social media accounts. INSBAHA is a make-up brand founded by a Chinese cosmetics company, Proya Cosmetics (珀莱雅), which targets ‘health nuts and trend lovers.’ The Sanxingdui Museum is located near Chengdu and […]

How foreign cosmetics and skincare brands in China can succeed: China Paradigm transcript #123 with Jean-Philippe Benoist

foreign cosmetics and skincare brands in China

GED localizes and establishes foreign cosmetics and skincare brands in China. Currently, GED is partnering with about 20 cosmetics brands. Having initially started with offline channels and distribution with SEPHORA, they are now focusing on digital online sales and marketing channels such as RED, WeChat, Weibo, Bilibili, TikTok, Tmall, JD, VIPshop, and others. Their target […]

How brands carve room for body positivity in China

body positivity in China

Body positivity refers to the assertion that all people deserve to have a positive body image, regardless of society’s ideal shape, size, and appearance. The body positivity movement challenges existing social standards of what preferred body is, promotes the acceptance of all types of bodies, helps people build confidence and acceptance of their own bodies […]