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China Paradigm 105: Teaching Royal etiquette to affluent Chinese

Teaching Royal etiquette to affluent Chinese: business etiquette, table manners, social manners, accessory etiquette, refined makeup, and much more.

Matthieu David interviews Guillaume Rué de Bernadac, Founder & CEO at Académie de Bernadac. Etiquette is a tool that any person should possess whether they use it in professional interactions or social ones. In China, royal etiquette is a subject of interest and more and more people are enrolling for courses. How does Académie de Bernadac service the need for royal etiquette on the Chinese market? How do they market their service and how are the courses structured? Find out the answers to these questions and many more by listening to the interview.

  • 0:15 Guest introduction
  • 2:30 Académie de Bernadac – a brief company presentation
  • 5:10 What prices and services does Académie de Bernadac offer?
  • 8:03 More details about the size of the company
  • 10:28 Royal Etiquette classes – why clients may enjoy them for different reasons
  • 13:54 Why is Tier 1 of royal etiquette the most popular set of classes?
  • 15:33 Adapting to the Chinese market – how have the lessons changed to accommodate Chinese culture?
  • 19:00 Selling luxury – the brand of a product is all about emotions
  • 20:17 Do clients apply etiquette outside their professional lives?
  • 22:18 Adapting the lessons for luxury brands the function on the Chinese market
  • 27:30 How does technology mesh with the heritage component of luxury brands?
  • 28:57 Using live streaming for open advertisement
  • 31:09 Best practices to get the most out of livestreaming
  • 32:51 The importance of the Zhihu QA platform for Académie de Bernadac?
  • 35:53 Specifics: how does Académie de Bernadac use Zhihu?
  • 42:06 Misperception – how is French culture viewed in China?
  • 44:11 Royal dreams can be motivators for etiquette learning
  • 46:44 What book has inspired Guillaume Rué de Bernadac in his entrepreneurial journey?
  • 47:57 What does Guillaume Rué de Bernadac read to stay up to date about China?
  • 49:04 What can be learned from using WeChat?
  • 50:07 What book about China would Guillaume Rué de Bernadac recommend?
  • 51:38 If he has extra time what other business would Guillaume Rué de Bernadac pursue?
  • 53:27 What success and failure have Guillaume Rué de Bernadac witnessed in China?

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