China's social credit system

Daxue Talks 19: What impact does China’s social credit system have on foreigners?

Interview with Nicolas Coster, a French business lawyer who specialized in FDI. In this China business vlog, we address the issue of social credit in China and its impact on the business and the life of expats in the Middle Kingdom.

Jump to the questions:

  • 00:28 What is social crediting in China for individuals and companies?
  • 1:11 Compare to the past where this social credit was already existing in different administrations and now, what are the big changes that make the press and media talk more about it?
  • 1:60 What are the consequences that we can expect as an individual and as a company of this new system in management and life in China?
  • 3:03 How easy is to get access to your own social credit as an individual or the company?
  • 3:46 How much do we know about corporate data, private data, e-commerce data, and bank data, which are going to be taken into account with a social credit?

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