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Chinese and wine

China is a country with prosperous civilization, and the culture of wine is rich here. As early as five thousand years ago, the ancient people in China had begun to produce and drink wines. The Chinese people have been giving wines lavish praise. Currently, there are many famous brands of wines in China. Also with the increase of cultural exchanges and communications with foreign countries, foreign wines such as brandy and whisky are gaining reputation in this ancient eastern country.

Wines in China: legends and customs

Chinese people have long regarded the wine as a magic drink. A famous poet once wrote ‘What can distract me from the sorrow of life? Only Dukang(杜康)’.Dukang was the name of the first person in China who created wines, and now refers to good wines. Wines are indispensable in festival celebrations in China. In Spring Festival(春节), Latern Festival(元宵节), Dragon Boat Festival(端午节), and Mid-autumn Festival(中秋节), people get together and drink wines to celebrate family reunions. The types of wines for different festivals are also varied.

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Wines in China: domestic types and brands

People in different geographical regions in China have different tastes for wines. In provinces in northern China, due to the relatively cold climate, wines with high alcohol content, such as Erguotou(二锅头), Fenjiu(汾酒),Zhuyeqing(竹叶青),and Xifengjiu(西凤酒) are welcomed.
In southern China, the wines tend to contain less alcohol but have sauce-flavor. Maotai(茅台) and Langjiu(郎酒) are world-famous representatives of this type of wine.

Wines in China: Western wines

With the increased international communication between China and western countries, Chinese people have, to some extent, adopted some western customs and tastes. For example, when there is a business reception, western wine types such as Beer, Brandi, Whisky, Dutch Gin, Vodka, and Rum, are frequently seen. And people regard those who make elegant cheers as genteel, well-educated and suitably-socialized.

Nowadays the most famous imported wines in China include: Remy Martin(人头马),Hennessy(轩尼诗), Napoleon(拿破仑), Martell Noblige(马爹利名士),Macallan(麦卡伦),Glenfiddich(格兰菲迪),Ballantines(百龄坛),Chivas Regal(芝华士),Absolut Citron(绝对伏特加),Royal Salute(皇家礼炮),etc.