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Chinese F&B brands’ secrets to success report

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The food and beverage sector in China is continuing to develop and upgrade. China’s food market size was 114.3 billion RMB in 2019, while the beverage market size was 57.9 billion RMB. China’s increased health awareness drives sales for categories like milk and nuts, while snack, soft drink and instant meal brands aim to improve their ingredients and decrease sugar and calories, and use higher quality ingredients.

This China food and beverage market report was created in partnership with Double V. Consulting.

The secrets to success for emerging Chinese F&B brands

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In our Chinese F&B brands report we analyze the market strategies of:

Marketing strategies employed by these Chinese F&B brands include

Important stats for China’s F&B market

  • New-style tea is still incredibly lucrative. The number of new style tea retail stores and market size are both increasing steadily. By the end of 2020, the number new style tea consumers reached 340 million and is still growing. By the end of 2021, the figure is estimated to reach 365 million
  • According to a survey of KEEP consumers, 69% consumers have changed diet habits due to COVID-19
  • The same survey showed 60% consumers prefer less oil than before COVID-19, and 22% consumers begun to reduce sugar intake
  • Fruit and milk are considered the healthiest foods by Chinese, with over 90% of consumers surveyed saying they believe these food items are healthy.

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