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Understand Chinese Millennials in the Workplace


The millennial generation is considered to be the one that grew up with personal computer access and lived through the explosion of the Internet. Daxue Consulting firm’s estimation show that by 2025, 75 % of the workforce will be Millennials. The fastest growing age segment of the workforce is already here and the majority of Millennials across the world tend to ascribe influence more to private business or individuals.

Chinese Millenials in the Workplace

China’s Y Generation or millennials is composed of approximately 200 million 15 to 25-year-old. Like their peers around the world, they are ambitious, multi-tasking, better educated, open-minded, individualist cohort that has seen the country transformation from a communist government into an emerging global capitalist market. They are significantly more entrepreneurial and capitalistic than their parent generation’s. Nowaday, Millennials has a large exposure to the technological advances in China, they are internet savvy, connected to internet through mobile and social networking websites.

A specific generation 

Having grown up as single child within the One-Child policy era, Chinese millennials are more inclined toward a lifestyle devoted to freedom and personal satisfaction rather than the more traditional “work hard and get rich” mentality. The millennials is no exception when it comes to valuing work-life balance, and working long hours is not something they can adapt to. Entrepreneurial by nature, they would rather start their own business and work for themselves. With many graduating in Engineering and Sciences, there is a high level of recruitment within multinational companies. The millennial’s spending habits are noteworthy. As single children it appears they may be pampered, as findings show they often consume an astonishing 50% or more of family expenditure in some major cities.

Born around the 80s onwards, they are a generation who has grown in opulence compared to other generations. They are the children of a generation who has greatly benefited from the industrial revolution of the 70s where their wealth and standard have dramatically increased and changed their way of life. This generation has been greatly exposed to modern environments (in their days at school and university) and within their personal life, they have a good standard of living. Open space environment is not a surprise for them; they only knew and experienced this type of environment.

China Millenial’s characteristics and their impact in the workplace

The millennial generation has been noted for its ability to juggle many things at the same time. Younger people have been raised in a context of great stimulation, which has allowed them to develop strong multitasking skills. Millennials have been connected to the world through texting, internet chats, and social networks. Furthermore, in a recent market survey conducted by Daxue, millennials indicate that they wanted to choose which technologies they had to use work rather than using the tools supplied by their employer, with the applications and software of their choice.

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