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How young Chinese consumers are finding themselves

How Young Chinese Consumers are finding themselves

We analyzed the overarching trends of young Chinese consumer’s ambitions. To go beyond consumer trends and expose societal trends, we uncovered the correlations in consumer habits, social listening, in-depth interviews, and successful brand strategies. In this report we define young consumers as Chinese millennials and Gen-Z, or in Chinese terminology, the 90后 (those born after […]

Shifting perceptions of money among Chinese Millennials

Chinese millennials and their spending habits

Millennials, also known as Generation Y, are those born between 1981 and 1996. This makes the oldest millennial 42 years old and the youngest 27 years old in 2023. There are more than 350 million millennials in China, amounted to about 25 percent of the whole population. They are more educated than the previous generations, […]

The new wave of Chinese rap music: how can brands engage with it

Chinese rap music

The Chinese rap music trend started in the late 90s when Chinese people were heavily influenced by US hip-hop. The lyrics were originally written to send a message of social critique, a form of rebellion from oppressive censorship and the limitation on self-expression. Indeed, the first rap songs were shared through illegal sites and then […]

Feminism in Chinese marketing: How brands are empowering Chinese women

feminism in Chinese marketing

After a long history of favoring males, currently feminism in China is gaining momentum and many brands utilize it in their strategy, promoting feminism in Chinese marketing. What does China’s feminism movement entail? China’s feminist movement has three mayor demands: to make visible the household work that women do and to redistribute it; equal opportunity […]

How financially independent are Chinese millennials?

Chinese milleniials

As the Chinese middle class keeps growing, foreign and domestic brands have been rushing to satiate the growing appetite of Chinese consumers. Having grown up during a period of economic prosperity, Chinese millennials (those born between 1996 and 1981) are now a strong engine of the booming Chinese economy. As the Chinese society gets wealthier, […]

Podcast transcript #67: A cross-border program for millennials, bringing entrepreneurs from China and Australia together to create startups

cross-border program for millennials

Find here the China Paradigm 67. You could not miss any details of this amazing cross-border program for millennials. Also, you will get a better knowledge of China Australia relationship after listening to this episode. Full transcript below: Matthieu David: Hello everyone, I’m Matthieu David, the founder of daxue consulting, a China market research company […]

Chinese Millennials, the Driving Force Behind the Online Delivery Trend

Daxue consulting-Chinese Millennials food habits

If you walk down the streets of Chinese cities, you will probably notice the flow of deliverers dressed in blue, red, and yellow, on scooters equipped with boxes bearing the logo of (in Chinese 饿了么), Baidu Waimai (百度外卖) or Meituan Waimai (美团外卖). They are living proof that the online delivery is booming in China, […]

Chinese Millennials Behavior: Why are Chinese Millennials Not Cooking?

Chinese Millennials Behavior

Monitoring the Chinese millennials behavior will only become more important due to increases in spending power. This key group of technology savvy, Internet-connected and educated consumers alone represents nearly a third of the Chinese population and is larger than the whole working population in the United States. In total, there are around 400 million Chinese millennials, aged between […]

Understand Chinese Millennials in the Workplace

  The millennial generation is considered to be the one that grew up with personal computer access and lived through the explosion of the Internet. Daxue Consulting firm’s estimation show that by 2025, 75 % of the workforce will be Millennials. The fastest growing age segment of the workforce is already here and the majority of […]