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Chinese are in the US

Where do Chinese tourists travel, eat, and stay while in the United States? | Daxue Consulting

Chinese tourists travel to the US.

Nearly 3 million Chinese tourists travel to the US annually. This number is forecasted to be above 4.5 million in 2022. The travel industry keeps growing at a rate of nearly 18% per year. The average spending per customer is around 40,000 RMB ($5,800), and Chinese travelers spend the most money on hotels and shopping. According to tour guide Mr. Wang, Chinese travelers are now willing to get a deeper understanding of local culture and history, whereas previously they used to spend a very short time and do not want to know this information when they travel.

Reasons why Chinese tourists choose the US for travel

1. Chinese travelers want to experience American culture

Hollywood movies, diversity, and freedom are keywords that represent America, and Chinese travelers want to experience this culture for themselves.

2. Chinese tourists like to go shopping in the United States

Most Chinese tourists like to buy the following products: Makeup, clothes, bags, nutrition supplements. These products are cheaper to buy in the US than in China

3. “Education tours” to see the US’s famous universities

Many Chinese families believe an overseas education will provide their children with more diversified knowledge, and therefore a competitive edge in the future workplace. However, foreign education is a huge investment. Therefore, to ensure they make the most of their investment, many Chinese parents send their kids on educational tours to experience the academic culture at US Universities, such as Harvard, Yale, UC Berkeley and etc.

4. Chinese people are exposed to a great amount of information about the US

Unlike Expedia, Chinese tourists travel websites like C-trip have information shared from travel bloggers. Chinese travelers like to try the newest things and get involved in the hottest travel trends. Therefore, they are easily influenced by KOLs and are willing to try what they recommend.

most popular tourist destinations among Chinese
Two solutions for group tour: 12 days package tours, including the East and West Coast of America, Las Vegas, New York and the Universal Studio. No baggage fee during the Spring Festival and stay in Manhattan Hotel for one night. 10 days package tours, including the East Coast of America, New York, Washington and the Niagara Falls. Can live in the Manhattan Hotel for one night during the Spring Festival.
Chinese tourists in the US
Instagram famous hotels – good places for taking pictures. Union Square has good shopping for women, where after the shopping tourists can take a rest. These hotels are close to the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Hub, Boston 

Some must-see destinations in Boston include Harvard University, Freedom Trail, and Quincy Market. Many people choose to spend one day in Boston, usually costing less than 200 USD. Many tour groups offered on Chinese travel sites usually stay in Boston for half day.

Harvard University and education tour magnet

Travelers believe that touching John Harvard’s feet, the statue in Harvard can bring them luck. It is one of the most popular destinations when visiting Harvard University. Many of these Chinese student tour groups are held by Chinese schools.

Student tour groups are a growing market in recent years. The market size was 19.5 billion RMB in 2016 and nearly 650,000 students visited foreign countries through educational tours. The estimated growth rate is around a stunning 20%.

Chinese student tour to Boston

Come dinner time, Chinese travelers search for local famous restaurants through social media. Social media recommendations include Boston lobster from one of the oldest restaurants in U.S. Union oyster house, comments say there is very good seafood and it is famous for lobsters. Union Oyster House is also recommended, not only because it is one of the oldest restaurants in Boston, but also a lot of famous politicians, such as John F. Kennedy, go there. Restaurants in Boston that want to attract Chinese tourists must have a good reputation on social media.

The Big Apple, New York City

most recommended travel locations in New Yourk

The Statue of Liberty and Time Square are the two most recommended travel locations. There are also travel packages for individuals who want to join tour groups. Chinese travelers perceived these two locations as representations of New York City, and feel excited as they have seen these sites in movies and TV shows. All locations in NY have nearly 1000+ comments and there is no doubt that New York is one of the most popular cities that Chinese people choose to travel to in the world.

Where do Chinese tourists eat in NYC?

Peter Luger Steak House and Junior’s Restaurant have the most comments on C-trip in the restaurant section. Chinese travelers choose them because they both have a long history and are very famous among locals.

Where do Chinese travelers stay in NYC?

Hampton Inn and Hilton have the highest comments among New York City hotels. Very similar to other places, hotel chain brands are still very popular to Chinese travelers because it feels they are trustworthy. The criteria of Chinese tourists when rating hotel rooms are “Convenient location”, “clean” and “large room”.

The windy city: Chicago

Chinese tourists in Chicago

Chinese travelers are impressed by the artistic atmosphere of the Millennium Park and Willis Tower. Within Millennium Park, Cloud Gate, also known as “The Bean” is a must-see, Chinese tourists love to take pictures in the mirror of the bean. From there, Chinese tourists are likely to head towards Michigan Lake or the Art Institute of Chicago. Some Chinese travelers recommended renting a boat and take a trip on Lake Michigan, especially during the peak tourist season from April to August.

Where do Chinese travelers eat in Chicago?

Longman & Eagle is a Michelin one star restaurants and very popular in Chicago. Nicole believes the brunch from this restaurant is worth to try, and she recommended to be there early to avoid the long waiting time.

Where do Chinese tourists stay in Chicago?

Hilton Chicago O’Hare Airport has the most comments on the Chinese app C-trip. Chinese consumers recommend staying there before heading to the airport.

Hyatt Regency is recommended because it is located at the center of Chicago. People can take less 10 minutes’ walk for shopping and visiting other tourist destination. Many travelers complimented the river view.

The city of angels, Los Angeles

Los Angeles popularity among Chinese
Baidu Index comparison between Universal and Hollywood Walk of Fame

See what Chinese tourists say about Universal Studios on C-trip

what Chinese tourists say about Universal Studios

  1. Universal Studios is the reason why some Chinese tourists go to Los Angeles in the first place. Chinese influencers are recommending buying the fast pass during peak tourists’ season.
  2. Within Universal Studios, the Harry Potter resort is highly recommended, especially the butterbeer and ice cream.
  3. Other travelers said they are satisfied with the service from Universal Studio because some shows have a Chinese version.
  4. Chinese tourist Zoe says Universal Studio is more suitable for any ages compare to Disney.
Why Chinese tourists go to the US
The universal studio is suited for all ages and both genders. It has many funny projects, such as film experience shops. It also has no-authentic Chinese food.
Chinese on Walk of Fame
Hollywood Walk of Fame. The comment says: “We arrived at the junction of Hollywood Blvd and Gower St, we walked to the west part of the Walk Of Fame from here. Also, went to the EL Capitan theatre and Dobly theater. There is a good Japanese noodle restaurant on the second of Dobly Theater. Free parking in one hour.

Nearly 10% of people who visited Walk of Fame give it a medium rate. People dislike “artists” who dress as superheroes and ask for tips after travelers are misled to take ‘free’ photos with them. Dolby Theater is highly recommended by traveler Gengshi Qianche. TCL Chinese Theater and the discovery for Chinese celebrity in Walk of Fame were fun to many Chinese travelers.

Where do Chinese tourists stay in LA?

Some Chinese travelers like Hilton Universal City because of the location and food around here. Dongpo Restaurants has very tasty Chinese food in Downtown Los Angeles compare to other restaurants. People like shuttle bus that this hotel provided and Chinese tourists servers who is passionate to help Chinese travelers. Safety is one of the top concerns when Chinese travelers chose to go to LA.

tasty Chinese food in Los Angeles
The comments say: (1) The hotel is close to Universal Studios, 10 minutes by walking. In Chinese restaurant “Dongpo” the cuisine is nice. The hotel also has buses to Universal Studios. (2) The hotel is safe and quiet, the room is big and well equipped. A manager answered all questions we had and introduced the Universal Studios.

Where do Chinese travelers eat in LA?

The top restaurants as ranked by Chinese tourists include Providence (4/5, 122 comments), Musso & Frank Grill (4.1/5, 140 comments), Water Grill (4.2/5, 136 comments) and Animals (4.1/5, 233 comments).

Where do Chinese tourists shop in LA?

The top two shopping places as ranked by Chinese tourists include: South Coast Plaza (4.7/5, 82 comments) and Desert Hill Outlets (4.6/5, 277 comments)

Chinese people love shopping at outlet centers, Desert hill outlets are one of the must go shopping place in the LA area. People said they wish they can stay here for 2-3days just for shopping. However, most of them said it is way too far from downtown LA, so they recommended going with a group.

Sin City, Las Vegas

destinations in Las Vegas among Chinese

Las Vegas Strip is a hot destination. Bellagio and Caesars Palace are two places that everyone has to go because many famous movies were filmed there, specifically the fountain area in Bellagio and shopping mall in Caesers.

Many tours offer a combo package for Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Some Chinese travelers recommended seeing the Grand Canyon by Helicopter.

Many Chinese travelers chose couple shows to watch, such as magic show from David Copperfield and even strip clubs are very popular as well.

Favorite entertainment for Chinese in the US
The comment says: Traveled to Las Vegas during the May Day, there is some experience to share: 1. Walk to Las Vegas Strip and visit shopping malls and buildings. 2. Stay in NewYork-NewYork hotel, also can choose the Hilton hotel. 3. Bellagio Resort & Casino and Caesars Palace are the best places 4. The Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas is actually a restaurant, it is a good place for dinner. 5. Watch shows in Las Vegas. 6. Try helicopter tour if you have enough money and not afraid of heights. 7. Las Vegas is a city supported by gambling; however, it has good public security. LV is the best city for young people.

For the young generation, music festivals like EDC is another attraction. It became a trend between Chinese young generation and many people perceive it as a cool experience.

Where do Chinese people eat in Las Vegas?

Buffet ar perceives as one of the must-do activities in Las Vegas for travel. Seafood is the most mentioned word in all the comments on Chinese social media. The top three restaurants in Las Vegas are Buffets.

Where do Chinese tourists stay in Las Vegas?

Recommended hotels in LA

Wynn is ranked #1 for hotels also because of the restaurant. Other than location, luxury is one of the most important criteria for hotels in Las Vegas.

San Francisco & Yosemite National Park

In C-trip, the Golden Gate Bridge is listed as #1 popular destination in San Francisco. It is the must go place because Chinese travelers believe it represents San Francisco. Other than that, Chinese travelers enjoyed the city view and sea view while standing on the mountain next to the end of the bridge.

Lombard Street is another site that very unique to Chinese travelers. The design of the street is very rare in any other places. People also perceived it as a romantic place.

As for Fisherman’s Wharf, Chinese travelers believe the crab is as famous as lobster in Boston. Some tourists comment that they do not want to buy the gifts labeled “Made in China” and that these gifts are overpriced.

Where do Chinese tourists eat in San Francisco?

Where to eat in San Francisco?

Crab house at Pier 39 is the top recommended restaurant by C-trip. As mention previously, Crab is the most famous food in San Francisco. The second recommended restaurant is well-known by crab as well.

Where do Chinese travelers stay in San Francisco?

where to stay in San Francisco

Travel websites, Ma fengwo, listed Instagram famous hotels on the webpage when searching where to stay in San Francisco. The definition by it is “Hotel that is good for taking photos, with well designed, good location, and good view, KOLs have visited.”

Hotel Zeppelin in San Francisco
The design is good, and the hotel is cost-effective. The main comments are “friendly staff”, “close to the Union Square” and “rooms are comfortable”. Zeppelin hotel locates on the Union Square, close to the center area of San Francisco. The hotel located on the peak of Bruno Mountain, it is also one of the film locations. Main comments are “nice breakfast”, “close to the Union Square”, “wonderful scenery” and etc.

Couple words gave internet famous hotel some characteristics, such as movie filming location for InterContinental Mark Hopkins; it also has a nice city view.

Ma Fengwo recommended Hotel Zeppelin is because it is located in Downtown San Francisco and very close to other tourists’ destination. It emphasized the bar and the unique design of the hotel.

Emerald City, Seattle

the best travel season for Seattle
Summer is the best time for tourism in Seattle. The weather is nice and the temperature is pretty good. Rain falls mainly occur from November to April and the city seldom snows.

C-trip recommended summer as the best travel season for Seattle. Unlike the raining season during winter, people can enjoy the Sakura (Japanese cherry blossoms) during summer.

What do Chinese think about Seattle
The impression of Seattle consists of movies, love, coffee and hazy scenes. There are 3 movies about the city, Sleepless in Seattle, Late Autumn and Anchoring in Seattle.

What do Chinese tourists think of Seattle?

Keywords that Chinese people associate with Seattle online include “romantic”, “coffee” and “love”. Another compliment to the city of Seattle is many people like the fresh air and highly organized urban planning in this city.

Words that Chinese associate with Seattle

People like to visit Pike Place Market because it is the first farmer’s market in the U.S. The first Starbucks store in the world is also opened nearby. Chinese travelers like to buy fresh seafood, flowers and other local produce in this market.

Where do Chinese tourists eat in Seattle?

Where to eat in Seattle

One of the most popular seafood restaurant, The Crab Pot, is recommended by C-trip. Many travelers enjoyed the seafood and ocean views, as well as a local sauce.

Where do Chinese travelers stay in Seattle?

Hotels that have most comments are all Chain operated; some well-known names are Hyatt, Hilton, and Crowne Plaza. The brand reputation gives a customer a feeling that they can receive a consistent of high quality. Location and easy to commute are key reasons that people choose these hotels.

Miami: Key West

most popular destinations in Miami among Chinese

Miami is a perfect destination for a vacation. Top destinations are Everglades National Park, Key West, and south beach. Many Chinese travelers planned a round trip for Orlando, Miami and Key West.

Chinese travelers had a special experience in Everglades National Park. Unlike other National parks in other countries, not a lot of travelers visit, and people can experience nature by watching Crocodiles within a short distance and riding a boat to enjoy the river view.

The variety of Clubs and bars in Miami are interesting to many travelers. Some travelers chose to stay in hotels that have the best clubs.

The Capitol, Washington D.C

Chinese tourists in Wachington

Lincoln Memorial is the top recommended destination in Washington D.C. The building style and the meaning of how it was built are fascinating most Chinese travelers. Many Chinese travelers want to feel the greatness of leadership and freedom spirit from visiting Washington D.C.

The Aloha State, Hawaii

Chinese tourists explore Hawaii

Pearl Harbor and the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park are two most popular destination listed on C-trip. As one of the countries had joined World War 2, most Chinese travelers chose to visit Pearl Harbor to get a better understanding of WW2. People who visit can get a voice-recorded translator to know the history.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is very famous because most Chinese travelers never have seen this kind of scenery before. People can view a volcano in a very short distance. Several other sites can be visited around here within a short drive, such as Elephant trunk hill.

One Chinese tourist said this is the best location to visit. She could feel the power of nature by watching the lava flow out and the solidification of lava on sidewalks.

Most recommended hotels in Hawaii

Most popular hotels that have most comments are Hilton Hawaiian Village and Alohilani Resort. Location, ocean view, good for a family trip and good service are the top reasons for the recommendation.

Restaurants: Eggs’ N Things has the most comments in the restaurant category. People love pancakes and large portions; they also like the cheap price and ocean view while eating.

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