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China Paradigm 95: Navigating the travel industry in the time of the Coronavirus

travel industry in the time of the Coronavirus

The travel industry in the time of the Coronavirus Matthieu David interviews Sophie Sun, a founder at TravelRight. If you’re a traveler and flying to your destinations is your choice of transportation then you’ve definitely dealt with flight delays before. For people flying from China the answer to their flight delay related issues seems to […]

Chinese Tourism in France: Chinese Perception of French Cities | Daxue Consulting

Chinese tourists in France

Chinese tourism in France Atout France Actively Promotes French Tourism on Chinese Digital Platforms The Weibo official account of Atout France has attracted 1.6 million followers with 6,125 posts in total and an active posting frequency of 1-3 posts per day. It has been sharing a wide range of topics about France, including views, food, […]

How does Chinese Tourists Travel: Location Choices & Reasons

Chinese Tourists

Chinese tourists: the foreign destinations’ market yet to be saturated International destinations are experiencing an increased interest from the Chinese tourists. An increasingly higher number of Chinese are spending their holidays abroad seeking a unique experience. In 2014 the outbound of Chinese travelers reached 117 million, a rise of 20% over 2013, marking the new […]