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Clothes & Cosmetics Markets for 15 – 18 years old


Consumer Behavior in China

The majority of Chinese students aged between 15 and 18 years old are studying in school where does not allow them to wear their own clothes except the uniform distributed by school. In this situation, the clothes that have been sold most among Chinese students are underwear, sweaters, polo shirts, heavy coat for cold weather, and perhaps caps. Due to limited source of money, Chinese students often choose their parents to accompany when they do shopping issues. The information about brands of clothes is frequently received from friends and classmates by word of mouth.

Brands of Clothes for Teenagers in China

Metersbonwe, propagated by a China super star Jay Chou with slogan of “be different”,  successfully occupies large market share in students market with price of 100RMB on average, it takes advantage of celebrity effect and attract a large number of fans to be loyal customers. Metersbonwe target on low-income consumer groups for its diversification and a follow of fashion trend. Others brand like Yishion and Semir share a similar market strategy. While for sports brand, local brand like Lining, Anta owned a good fame with relatively low price compared with global brand like Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc. Global sports brand owned customer loyalty and earned large market share in middle school and high school, usually these part of consumers are brand-oriented and get enough financial support  from parents or earned by themselves.

Cosmetics Market in China

Chinese students do not have much opportunity to use make-ups, they use skin care products more frequently and focus on function like clean, moisture, whitening, and anti-acne, besides, they prefer skin care with moderate effect because their skin does not need too much chemical materials. The markets also vary from low price to high price. In the low-price market,  they are clean & clear, Neutrogena, Pond’s, Mentholatum, the face shop, etc. Clean & clear offers acne and skin care products, treatments, and medications to leave skin looking healthy, clean and radiant, they earned good reputation when entered into China market at the beginning, but started to lose  market share years later due to less effect on solving acne problems. While Neutrogena and Mentholatum get a better response and feedback from consumers and its markets share  increase steadily every year. As for the face shop, the price is 50-100 RMB  for a single product on average, a little bit higher than other brand but is famous during students maybe for its delicate bottle package and effectiveness.

Edited by Amy Wang from Daxue Consulting Firm, a Market research company in China

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