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Condé Nast is Partnering with Daxue Consulting

Condé Nast: Mass Media Giant Offers Courses in China

While Condé Nast is not a top-of-mind brand, its Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour or GQ’s publications make it one of the major media groups in the world. Ever since its establishment in 1909, the publishing house Condé Nast has built an array of iconic magazines. A total number of readers reached 164 million among the group’s 20 print and digital brands. 1916 saw Condé Nast’s first success sealed with the publication of Vogue London, making the magazine an international craze. After 1959, Condé Nast expanded with the addition of GQ, Condé Nast Traveler, Details, Allure, Architectural Digest and more. Condé Nast then diversified its activities with the establishment of Condé Nast Entertainment, a film, television, and digital video programming company in 2011. While Condé Nast is a major international player in the global industry landscape, how can it break in the massive but closely regulate Chinese market though?

Condé Nast in China

Liz Schimel, President of Condé Nast China, led the publishing giant to cooperate with local partners to can publish Vogue, GQ, Self, Architectural Digest and Condé Nast Traveler in a format adapted to the Chinese readers and market. Content is designed to specifically cater to the Chinese readers with its own Chinese titles and contents. While the group enjoys a 45 million reader base, Condé Nast China still needs to add regular updates and a new segment of publications to adjust to the dynamic and highly competitive industry of media in China.  Besides Condé Nast China, Condé Nast then also launched Condé Nast Center of Fashion & Design Shanghai, where Chinese Millenials can take fashion, media, digital, design, luxury and business courses with a Chinese market twist.

Condé Nast in China
Source: Condé Nast International

Condé Nast and Daxue Consulting

Daxue Consulting is among the partnered firm who offers Marketing courses at the Condé Nast Center of Fashion & Design Shanghai. With its marketing expertise in the Chinese market, including the Fashion industry, Daxue Consulting has worked with various international clients who wish to enter the Chinese market. Thorough and clear understanding of the market is crucial to business success in China and many international firms seek Daxue Consulting for its China market insights and its pragmatic and decision-oriented methodologies. For the first time, in collaboration with Condé Nast, Daxue Consulting is offering the following courses, which are all specifically catered to the Chinese market. See below the list of the Management Consulting Workshops:

  • Consumer behavior
  • Customer segmentation
  • CRM
  • Data analysis
  • Customer experience
  • Research and technology
  • Analytical concepts
  • Analyzes of advertisements
  • Methodologies of research
  • Research and presentation skills
  • Pricing strategies and common mistakes
  • Implementing research into plans

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