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Daxue Talks 74: Marketing in China: Alternatives to email newsletters

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In this China business vlog, Aurelien Rigart, Vice President and partner at IT Consultis, tells us how marketing in China is done in a time when people are under time constraints. Find out how WeChat and other solutions are used in place of email newsletters.

Jump to questions:

  • 1:06: We know that email Newsletters are not effective in China. Which channel can replace newsletters?
  • 2:56: You mentioned SMS solutions several times. What kind of software do you use in China to distribute SMS easily and to connect them to your platform?

Daxue Talks is a show powered by daxue consulting, a china-based strategic market research company founded in 2010! With Daxue Talks, you will stay up to date with all the latest business updates in China.

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