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content reach on linkedin

Daxue Talks 84: The best way for companies to optimize the content on LinkedIn

Optimize the content on LinkedIn

In an era where netizens have limited attention spans, how should companies leverage LinkedIn to demonstrate expertise? Our guest Julien Sicard, co-president of LinkedIn Local Asia (Shanghai) who manages an online community of 3000+ LinkedIn members in Shanghai, shares his advice for companies managing content on LinkedIn and some powerful tools they can use to extend content reaches, such as webinars and email marketing.

Jump to questions:

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:46 What are some hacks that companies can do to distribute reports to a high volume of people?
  • 5:31 Many individuals and companies in China are creating podcasts or videos which are hosted on another platform. What are the best practices to promote this type of content on LinkedIn?

Key takeaways about LinkedIn content optimization

  1. To take advantage of the LinkedIn algorithm make a report/study preview, explain all key points and remember about a call to action.
  2. Be consistent and get the right strategy. A big part of a powerful LinkedIn strategy are great visuals and tags.

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