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Content marketing on linkedin

Daxue Talks transcript #84: Content marketing on LinkedIn

Content marketing on LinkedIn

Find here Daxue Talks 84. Our guest Julien Sicard, who manages an online community of 3000+ LinkedIn members in Shanghai, shares his advice for companies managing content on LinkedIn and some powerful tools they can use to extend content reach on LinkedIn. In an era where netizens have limited attention spans, how should companies leverage LinkedIn to demonstrate expertise?

Full transcript below:

What are some hacks that companies can do to distribute reports to a high volume of people?

You’re going to make a preview of what is the report about. Right and again you have to structure it that way, like of course grab attention and then you’re going to explain in 4 to 5 key points what are the benefits of the report and then the call to action. Very important – why? Because we want to take advantage of the LinkedIn algorithm. For that what you’re going to write, for example, let’s say, your company that creates this new report about the digital transformation in China – whatever, you’re going to make – do you want this report? Write to me in the comments and I’m going to send you back in private message. Simple and like that more and more people are going to comment, then you’re going to like each comment and reply to each of these comments – I sent by private messages or again the other act, the fact that you want – okay people interact, its maybe to send just a private link to download – why? Because people forget other things and I think the report, the only objective is to take the email. Email is everything in marketing and I know a lot of digital agencies that forgot about that and I mean, for me it is just a basic. If you don’t have the email – let’s say because maybe tomorrow LinkedIn can shut down, Facebook can shut down, but if you have the email – you do what you want to do, you write what you want to do and you can redirect the agents where you want – so, I think that should be the main objective.

There is no point in sending a report for the sake of sending the report from my point of view. I think I will repurpose the questions that way – are the reports the best lead magnets that a company could have? And my answer – recently because okay we used to develop a lot – I will tell you – I think it’s just nonsense. We calculate – we’re getting different lead magnets or we created online process, trying to measure how many people really will first register for the course – and end the course – only 18% end the course. It’s not that much. But the webinar – oh my god! Webinar you just do a webinar every week, I’m telling you this is the best way to grab a lot of email and you don’t need to have a three-hour webinar, I mean three hours this is just ridiculous. You can just spend one hour to demonstrate your expertise, it’s interactive right, and it’s way more powerful. I mean this is my advice for all the big companies that only keep focusing on the report, no one reads that – let’s be honest come on. So, that would be my advice. If you want a better lead magnet just focus on a webinar, once in a week – being consistent again and you’re going to have a lot of results on that, and it could be the same strategy.

So, reports – okay why not? It’s a compliment, they’ll tell you that at the end of the webinar. So again, demonstrate your expertise but yeah – cause again you have two things in a report – why do we create a report? Because we want more clients right, we don’t use it for fun. We want money at the end, and I don’t think it’s enough incentive to really bring the people to call to action to call you – hey Julian I like what you do so much – no, no – come on, there is no interaction. You think the guy would be so excited thinking okay – wow this report changed my life. No. people are so lazy right now; they have a very limited time of attention, that’s why in a webinar you cannot go on for more than one hour. So yeah, that was my honest opinion on that.

Many individuals and companies in China are creating podcasts or videos which are hosted on another platform. What are the best practices to promote this type of content on LinkedIn?

It’s about if you got a great visual, like on social media platforms you need to have a great visual. Let’s say you want to promote your podcast, so the best way is if you have a huge network, one of the things you should do is definitely tag me. Just like that, all my networks are aware that okay, there is a podcast developed by Daxue and you cannot grab followers from my own audience. It’s very simple and again let’s say if you do a podcast – what people they don’t think is the first communication. So, first communication cause right now we are grabbing – we are recording a podcast, ready to get – how you’re going to promote and how I’m going to give people from my audience that would become part of your audience, so people really need to strategize about that.

Let’s say if you do video, one simple act is again maybe just play two minutes of the video; okay you want to listen to the whole interview – here is a link on YouTube. Every time the link is seen in the comments section, otherwise again it decreases the rate of your LinkedIn post. So, this is mainly the two ways, comments – put the link in the comments, okay – and tagging the person you’re going to interview, it’s one of the best acts. But again, yeah, I think whatever you create in other platforms; definitely there are many ways to drive the traffic. I mean come on, in two months I built a 2000 Facebook group – a group with 2000 members in two months only, with only two LinkedIn accounts, it’s super easy. But you just need to be consistent and again – get the right strategy. But definitely there is a way of taking advantage of LinkedIn to develop other platforms and actually a lot of people should do that. It’s super important because you don’t know, maybe tomorrow again – your LinkedIn account may shut down. Yeah.

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