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WeChat mini-program case studies

Daxue Talks Transcript #116: A look at some successful and interesting WeChat mini-program case studies

Watch & listen to this episode to look at some successful and interesting WeChat mini-program case studies:


Hi, I’m Jason Shen. I’m the creative director of Mobile Now Group. We help brands with their digital strategies and lately, we have worked a lot with creating WeChat mini-programs for brands.

Can you show us some WeChat mini-program case studies or studies which highlight some of the work you have done in the past for brands?

Jason Shen: Sure, the first of the WeChat mini-program case studies is with Hennessy’s Blends WeChat mini-program. This WeChat mini-program is a portal to interacting with their new flagship bar at the bund. It features a booking system, shows events.

The second of the WeChat mini-program case studies is Lane Crawford’s WeChat mini-program. The main purpose of this WeChat mini-program was to convert their membership to digital and to show users their membership status and how far they had to go t achieve the next level of membership. Also, they rewarded members who had spent above a certain amount with coupons that could be spent in store, and this attempts to attract users to their stores at certain times of the year, particularly if they have new products on display.

They also have a private cart so sales associates at Lane Crawford can send personalized shopping baskets to VIP customers, based on previous conversations and purchases.

The third of our WeChat mini-program case studies is with Leica, they are a camera store. Its WeChat mini-program offers a boutique appointment booking platform for users which is analogous to booking an appointment with an Apple store “genius” who can show you all the different products they offer. Users can fill in a short form based on what they are interested in and then book an appointment time and date to come in to the store and be shown what they are interested in, and then Leica will show the models of the cameras to the users and bring them out for a test shoot with different camera models and Leica will montage all the photos they took and give it to the user.

The fourth of the WeChat mini-program case studies is Brunello Cucinelli. They made some clothing products which were very limited edition and so the items went on tour around China. So, users could book an appointment to come and try on the cashmere and decide whether or not they wanted to purchase. Also, you could go as groups of friends and it was more of an event than a walk-in appointment.

The fifth and final one of the WeChat mini-program case studies is Cheers by Ask Jerry, it’s kind of like Instagram meets Yelp for cocktails. Also, for bartenders it’s kind a LinkedIn profile.