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Tech-led Consulting and Research

Tech-led consulting consists in collecting data with the assistance of new technologies. By integrating multiple data sources, it is possible to combine motivational-emotional inputs with data gathered on social media or other digital platforms to create meaningful insights and viable applications. How we run tech-led consulting and research in China Review Our team will carefully […]

In-depth Interviews

In-depth interviews in China (IDIs research) are a qualitative research methodology consisting in conducting intensive individual interviews, usually with a small number of respondents, to analyze their perspectives, experiences or feelings regarding a particular market situation, marketing campaigns or incipient product launches in China. Our steps for conducting IDIs in China Research Daxue Consulting will […]

Competitive Benchmarking

Competitive analysis consists in identifying your competitors and evaluating their strategies to determine their strengths and weaknesses. Daxue Consulting provides you with the tools needed to win in a market full of tenacious players. By dividing competitors into strategic groups, we will evaluate their strategies and performance to provide clients with valuable insights. Our steps […]

Alternative data

Alternative data are unstructured, raw data from non-traditional sources. It can be divided into three different categories: satellite data, sensor data, and web data. The use of alternative data allows businesses obtain unique insights that can convert into important competitive differentiators. Alternative data in China do not come from official company reports or publications, archives, […]

Market Sizing

Market sizing is a technical and long process aimed at estimating the number of potential buyers for a product or potential users of a service. Through a market sizing service, companies can learn more about the total size of their target market, their major competitors, identify new opportunities and determine market segments to focus on. […]

Desk Research

Desk research means collecting and analyzing secondary data and content related to your research subject. The content may come from internet sources, magazines, books, and all places where you can find the related information. It may include but is not limited to the industry overview, competitor analysis, government policies, cultural environment, user segmentation, etc. How […]

China market research services

Entering or expanding in the Chinese market requires precise strategic planning, as businesses must remain competitive in a diverse and evolving environment. At Daxue Consulting, we understand that China’s 1.4 billion population presents unique challenges for Western companies. While it may seem homogeneous externally, the variation in consumption habits—from regional differences and the urban-rural divide […]