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How to Drive Tmall traffic

Daxue Talks transcript #6: Do you know how to get more traffic on Tmall?

Find here the Daxue Talks episode 6. Learn in 2-5 minutes useful tips on how to get more traffic on Tmall.

Full transcript below:

I am  Olivier Vérot, the founder of the Gentleman Marketing Agency (GMA). We are a digital marketing agency focused on performance, and we are based in Shanghai.

  1. Talking about traffic acquisition on Tmall, traffic on Tmall can be costly and mainly comes from advertisements. What are the different options to drive traffic on Tmall?

Yep, a very good question and this is basically our core business!

You have 3 traffics on Tmall which basically comes from the search engine optimizations. Taobao, mainly Taobao, is search engine optimization, people go there and searching for buying a brand or type of a product. So when you search and when you have a good Tmall, good page, when you have more sales and good comments, your page will be a highlight. This is the number one –free traffic.  The number one you have paid results, so the paid results can be like keywords; so when people search, your page appears, and you pay per click. And the result is hidden in the middle of the natural results. You have a banner, so inside of Tmall you have the banner by industry or sometimes it appears on the page (on the left, right and down) of your competitors, so it also can be a good source of traffic. All this paid traffic you have the paid traffic inside of Tmall. Ok? And you also have the paid traffic outside of Tmall. That use mainly platforms Alimama or inside of Tmall. So, basically, it is like the banner that Tmall put outside that you pay and it is outside of Tmall and bring the traffic directly to Tmall. So, it can be direct ads or it can be retargeting.

I give you an example, somebody goes to your page, stays more than one minute but didn’t but, so basically you can put cookies and Tmall will retarget these people and it will follow then for like one week to ask them to come back. It can be efficient for brand awareness and also for the accusation of the clients. After so you have a natural result, they are free, you have paid result on Tmall, you have the paid results outside of Tmall based on ads. And you have also the brands’ traffic, so the more the brand is attractive, the more the brand has like a natural search, the more it will benefit to Tmall. For example, if you make a campaign on KOL, we know that 0,2 % of the traffic will search directly on Tmall. So, you pay influencers on platforms without putting any link to Tmall. We know that if there is a page read by thousands of people, we know that 0,2% will search for information on Tmall and this quality of visitors is very qualified. The influencers can also out a link with your coupon or special thinks to directly attract to the page. So you have a non-team search of the people plus you have people who want to see the influencer’s information click on the link and directly go on your page or your offer which is a deal. So, today influencers are very interesting for social media, it’s, I think the number one of the customer acquisition last year, the number one source between all of them. You have different kinds of influencers, different kind of level of influencers. The small one, the micro-influencer, the number one influencers, what we call the Opinion Leaders or Key opinion Leaders, people who are really the key, top three opinion leaders of a particular field; and after we have starts who cost a lot of money. So a brand needs to spend money on the influencers to find a good balance between the big one and the small one. The big one mainly for the credibility and the small one mainly for brining traffic to work locally and in different small communities.

Influencers based on Weibo are very good because their law linked directly to Tmall, where influencers on other platforms don’t have a link. So, this is a very tricky part but brands need to know that. If they put influencers on Wechat they cannot put a link to Tmall, they cannot put a QR code to Tmall, so you will have a miscommunication between these two ecosystems, these two platforms. So, if you want to work with Tmall the main thing is will be Weibo. There is recently this year very good influencers, it is Taobao influencers, they are very popular, they are doing lifestreaming and it is very very commercial. So, they are a little bit what we call in France “teleshopping”. So, people are coming here, they make a demonstration of the products and they are doing lifestreaming and they are highlight by Taobao platforms to the users; so they will check the different kind of level of they product they have, mainly new product. And people introduce the product, so they pay them and they also get a commission every time they sell. It is very very popular this and last years and we do that, and it is very good. So, Taobao and Weibo are the two main influencers for Tmall because they are a member of the Alibaba ecosystem.

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