China Guochao Marketing Report

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Guochao (literally “national trend”) refers to the increase in consumer favoritism towards Chinese brands, designs, and culture. Guochao consumers embrace Chinese cultural designs and products made in China. To learn more about China’s Guochao trend, we conducted in-depth interviews with Chinese gen-z from all over the country. See our findings, along with case studies in our Guochao marketing report.

Download our China Guochao Marketing Report

What to know about Guochao marketing in China

The THREE major trends of Guochao are that Chinese consumers increasingly prefer domestic brands, foreign brands are incorporating more Chinese elements, and the revitalization of old Chinese brands.

What makes a brand ‘Guochao’ according to Chinese gen-z is not that it is just made in China, but that it incorporates Chinese elements like traditional colors, designs, flavors and other aspects that relate to Chinese tradition and history.

Guochao consumers are primarily Gen Z Females living in middle to lower tier cities. Over half of Guochao cosmetics consumers live in tier-4 and lower cities.

The Guochao trend mostly applies to affordable and mid-tier products, whereas foreign brands still have a monopoly on the luxury segment.

Key statistics from our Guochao marketing report

  • 53% of Guochao cosmetics consumers live in tier-4 and lower cities.
  • The view volume of affordable Guochao brands on Xiaohongshu has increased by 67% YoY, compared to under a 20% increase for foreign products.
  • In our interviews, women were clearly driving the Guochao trend, with 66% stating they have purchased more from Chinese brands, compared to only 14% of males.

Key findings from our in-depth interviews

  • The top qualitative trait associated with Chinese brands is “affordable” followed by “imitation” and “good-quality”, showing that domestic brands have mixed perceptions among consumers
  • The association with Guochao is more positive, with words like fashion/fashionable, culture, innovation and young.
  • Over half of respondents recall the brand Li-Ning when asked what brands qualify as Guochao.
  • Huawei was also highly associated with national pride, along with Perfect Diary and Li-Ning.
  • 32% of respondents report checking the country of manufacturing when shopping online.
  • Balenciaga, Gucci and Adidas were foreign brands named that pull-off Guochao really well.
  • Our interviewees reported preferring Chinese brands for clothing, but foreign brands for luxury. Areas where consumers preferred both were consumer electronics and cosmetics.

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