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how to sell cosmetic in China

How to sell to Chinese Women on the cosmetic market

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How to sell to Chinese Women on the cosmetic market

Chinese women have become the main consumer of cosmetics market. Market research and analysis shows that in the field of cosmetics consumer demands may be roughly divided into physical needs and psychological needs according to Maslow’s demand hierarchy theory. Consequently, Chinese female customers are rational and irrational. The behavior of these rational consumers gradually shifts into emotional consumption and this trend is intensified in China. Then, it opens many doors for foreign cosmetic and other sectors brands in China. The question is: how to sell to Chinese women?

Grasp the key factor between rationality and irrationality to reach Chinese women

Consumer research shows that there is still a large part of Chinese women consumers loyal on product quality. They are representative of rational consumption, often susceptible to choose quality, price and efficacy over other emotional factors. When making decisions, they tend to be well thought out instead of impulse to buy a particular product or brand. This type of consumers has strong brand loyalty. Meanwhile, this consumer behavior is relatively stable.

However, in this particular area of consumption for cosmetics, consumer characteristics determine the consumers in this process are less rational. Factors of their purchasing decisions mainly reflected in some areas which need to be understood to sell to Chinese women.

How to sell to Chinese Women

Consumption is infectious

Chinese women in the consumption process are often with rich emotional and mental activity. They often judge by direct experience and service preference formation because of its name, appearance, packaging or service. When new products are put on the market, Chinese female consumers focus on ads, service and its quality which is mainly reflected by the descriptions in the ads.

Consumers of cosmetics share their consumption experience with their friends. Chinese women consumers driven by obvious emotion are most likely to blindly follow the example of others, resulting consumer behavior non-rational development.

how to sell cosmetic in China

Chinese women are fashion

In modern society, the status of Chinese women is increasing. Rich material life makes them pursue the spiritual needs in addition to the pursuit of beauty outside. More and more Chinese women try different ways of life such as personalized life. Chinese women’s pursuit of fashion has been transformed to a higher level. They not only pay attention to the appearance but also in the conversion of hearts and the attention to high quality of life, so in the purchase of cosmetics they are more to focus on the appearance of the packaging, concerned about the effect. They are interested in pursuing the brand and trusting the strong brand awareness. They continue to pursue fashion trends of products and the use of some new and unique products to emphasize the uniqueness of the self.

how to sell to chinese women

To sell to Chinese women, psychological impulse is a “ghost”

One of the salient features of the Chinese women is their consumption during the frequent impulse buying behavior. Female consumers are more careful when shopping. They are more easily influenced by others and more emphasis on shopping environment. If they decide to buy products, they are not bound to plan to buy. The vast majority of them are not reasonable cards.

Chinese women are often affected by some special occasions to produce impulsive consumption in the consumption process such as product discounts or just cute and beautiful packing. This situation is very common among female consumers in China and is very used to sell to Chinese women.

In addition, some special environments will stimulate consumers’ desire to buy probably because the sales environment is very warm. Of course Chinese women have their unique consumer features so a lot of the time they choose whether to purchase a product or when it will go to be selling. They are most likely due to the emergence of wages assault consumption. More common the situation is prone to extreme emotional impulse buying behavior, especially in unhappy or very unhappy when the most prone to impulsive spending.

Sell to Chinese women: discount and promotion can be the key

In the consumption process, Chinese women are susceptible about discount information. The impact of advertising and promotional activities are main causes to buy some useless or something beyond the actual demand. In general, Chinese women tend to be spared a lot of investment on a large cosmetics purchase, especially by the relevant sales staff to sell cosmetics and introduce new lists because Chinese women are sensitive about advertising for various types of media than men.

Because many consumers will try a brand product or some gifts delivery of the product to form a preliminary psychological acceptance combined with on-site personnel to guide very easy to give up their principles and put into the ranks of the product being purchased. Except for psychological characteristics of female consumers and many enterprises especially in the beauty industry, consumers often doubt some carried consultancy services which continue to strengthen consumer awareness of beauty, so that they feel that their own lack of room for improvement existing place .It is easy to be sugar-coated bullets hit each other, feeling the terminal continue to reduce the resistance of the product to form the final purchase and to sell.

Sell to Chinese women: Brand value

sell to Chinese women

With the continuous improvement of living standards, Chinese women not only satisfy the requirements of the United States which still stay in the past standards. Chinese consumers pay more and more attention to the brand’s value and whether the service – as well as the design features of the terminal with the product integration – is satisfactory. Sales personnel are coordinating dress or language to meet the brand’s image. Because companies know that female consumers prefer intuition than rational judgment. They can choose to connect their products with some dreams such true love and eternal friendship. Overall, the presence of the female consumer behavior results from many causal factors. They need cosmetics to improve their skin and whiten. It is better if the cosmetics are made for Asian & Chinese women. The fictions are divided into a few kinds. In addition, the prices range from high to low in order to satisfy every status.


Consumer purchase behavior are influenced by many factors of the product itself, the environment and consumer psychology. In the cosmetics industry, with the increasingly fierce market competition, the consumption of cosmetics in the female consumer behavior research has a vital role. It not only can enable enterprises to more fully understanding of the cosmetics market, but also the overall characteristics of the grasp of consumers and their consumption combined with market conditions.

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