Market research: Children’s products in China


What do kids between the ages 6 and 10 enjoy the most? Walt Disney seems to have a pretty good idea with their product offering of cartoons, games, toys, and other forms of childish entertainment. Children not only from China, but throughout the world are crazy about cartoon characters and their related products including bags, cups, hats, clothes, and many other things. Disney has long been a world-renown producer of cartoons, but it broadened its product scope into entertainment, media, theme park, and consumption. Disney’s characters such as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Snow White, and Belle are all engraved in the minds of children as iconic figures. Disney particularly is popular among single children, who account for a large portion of its customer base.

Due to its competitive advantage and unmatched brand recognition, Disney successfully entered into the consumer goods industry and attached its cartoon characters to each of its products to appeal to both parents and children. The products range from necessities such as clothing, stationary, and books to decorations such as children’s furniture. Disney furniture allows children to immerse their own living space with Disney fairy tales. Now, Disney plans to build a Disney Land in Shanghai. It will be the first Disney Land in mainland China.

Marketing towards children in China

Kids between the ages of six and ten are a difficult market group due to their irrational buying behavior. Luckily for company’s looking to enter China, most children are not allowed to purchase products for themselves and instead are reliant on their parents. As a result, it is important for children’s product companies to market towards the children’s parents. These companies must ensure that their products are safe, yet still fun and marketable towards children.

As important as it is to create a brand image or logo that appeals to children, companies must realize that attracting children should not be their sole priority. For example, McDonald’s markets its products to children by offering toys and kids meals to its customers. However, Chinese parents are beginning to avoid fast food restaurants due to their lack of nutrition. Although attractive products may lure in the interest of children, their lack of buying power makes an attractive product useless if their parents do not approve. In conclusion, a product targeted towards six to ten years old should not only appeal to the preferences of children, but also consider their parents’ concerns about practical function, health, safety and price.


Picture Source: Shanghai Disney Resort