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Market Campaign in Beauty and Personal Care Industry in China

In recent years, China’s beauty and personal care market saw vigorous growth. The giant market players have been making continuous efforts to set up and improving their brand image, and increase their market recognition. Apart from ensuring product quality, it is also important to conduct market campaign, which can improve brand image and increase enterprises’ competitiveness.

Current Influence

The macro economy in China has been developing, which is the major momentum for the development of China’s beauty and personal care industry. Also, the market campaigns made by leading companies again contributed to the development.

Festivals become good times for low price promotions. Since consumers in China are price sensitive, especially those who have low or middle income, brands like L’Oréal China and Procter & Gamble (Guangzhou) Ltd have all launched promotions on festivals like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Women’s Day.

Also, leading market players have paid great attention to advertising. Nowadays, the advertisements of leading brands like Lancôme, Chanel, Shiseido, Herborist, Nivea, Amway, Chando and Tjoy. These commercialscan greatly enhance their brand image in specific markets.


It has been predicted that, in the following several years, there will be a continued trend of making market campaigns, and market campaigns will continue to be an important factor that fasten the growth of China’s beauty and personal care industry. Also, it is likely that more and more brands are going to carry out large scale market activities, which will be an important aspect of their development strategy.

In addition, with Internet retailing becoming the most dynamic sector in terms of sales value growth, more and more market players will notice it, and launch more online advertisements. Also, promotions that take the form of price discounts, which have received much welcome before, will continue to stimulate the sales volume of beauty and personal care products.

Also, it has been predicted using the information from trade resources that more sets products will be introduced by many key players, providing consumers with more economical prices and also giving them a wider range of products to choose from. With the trend that competition in China’s beauty and personal care becoming fiercer and fiercer, successful market campaigns will become more and more important in players’ future strategies.

Edited by Amy Wang from Daxue Consultancy China

Credit Photo: Baike