Market of Baby products in China

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The growing trend of Market of Baby Products in China

B2C Maternal and Baby Supplies Purchasers in China

There are more than 3 million B2C maternal and baby supplies purchasers in China. This is about 3% of all B2C purchasers in the Middle Kingdom. Compared with the whole market, this consumer population is more specialized and smaller in scale. However, their average consumption value is considerable, which makes this market highly potential. The market demand is relatively stable, thus the growth in the number of consumers is smaller than that in other goods categories.

The average annual consumption of B2C maternal and baby supplies purchasers is 1,328 yuan. 32.2% of them spend less than 300 yuan, and 18.6% spend between 301 to 500 yuan. Those who spend 501 to 1,000 yuan make up 25.4% of all B2C maternal and baby supplies purchasers and those who spend between 1,001 and 3,000 yuan make up 15.3%. The remaining 8.5% spend more than 3,000 yuan per year.

Consumption patterns in Baby products market

The famous websites that B2C maternal and baby supplies purchasers visit are Tmall, Redbaby, 360buy, Dangdang, and Lijiababy. Tmall occupies 22.6% of the market, followed by Redbaby, with market occupancy rate of 4.3%. 360buy follows with 2.2%. Dangdang has 1.1%, and Lijiababy has 0.5%.

Redbaby leads in the average value of consumption per person. A consumer on average spends 3,600 yuan on Redbaby annually. 360buy follows with 1,850 yuan. Then is Lijiababy, with an average consumption value of 1,000. Tmall has 897, and Dangdang has 875.

The consumption of maternal and baby supplies is highly concentrated. 99.5% of all consumers choose to buy from a single website, and only 0.5% choose to buy from two or more websites.

55.9% of B2C maternal and baby supplies purchasers have bought clothing from B2C websites. 32.2% have bought books and audio-radio products. 25.4% have bought cosmetics. Other products that B2C maternal and baby supplies purchasers buy include food, virtual cards, household electrical appliances, groceries, jewelry, and ticket booking services.

Naturally, female compose a greater part of B2C maternal and baby supplies purchasers than males. 62.7% B2C maternal and baby supplies purchasers in China are females, which is higher than the 45.5% that females make up in the total B2C purchaser population.

Amy Wang, Consultant China

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