The Baby Food Market in China: a valuable Industry

Baby Food Market China

Chinese Baby Food Many Chinese parents are unaware of the correct foods to feed their babies, the baby food market in China is evolving rapidly. The World Health Organization (WHO) provides recommendations on how to feed babies. WHO state that it is best to breastfeed babies between 0 and 6 months old. For babies between […]

Food coloring in China

Food coloring is an important part of food additives and can be divided into two types, natural and synthetic edible pigment. Producers try to use wonderful appearance to stimulate consumers” purchasing desire”, such as colorful beverages and candies, elaborate patterns on cream cakes and reddish yellow shrimp crackers. There is always a question in consumers’ […]

Market of Baby products in China

The growing trend of Market of Baby Products in China There are more than 3 million B2C maternal and baby supplies purchasers in China. This is about 3% of all B2C purchasers in the Middle Kingdom. Compared with the whole market, this consumer population is more specialized and smaller in scale. However, their average consumption […]

Infant formula in China

Infant Formula

The market size of infant formula in China is growing In 2013 China is the global leading country with $12.93 million and still has enormous market growth. Indeed, the market of infant formula in China is supposed to gain up to $20.72 million in 2016. Still the infant formula market has to struggle with many […]