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Chinese fashion brands report

Rising Chinese fashion brands’ secrets to success report

Gen-Z is the main consumer group in the China’s fashion market. They prefer both online and offline consumption and are willing to invest in themselves and splurge on experiences. They focus on quality, identity, and express their values through consumption. This generation is shaping fashion paradigm with more diverse styles.

Chinese fashion brands market strategy report

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Chinese fashion brands base their strategy on the AISAS model.

Attention – attract new or potential consumers through posts or ads on social media.

Interest – social media posts of products or shopping experiences by consumers and KOLs

Search – detailed information and aftersales feedback on e-commerce platforms

Action – a deal online or offline

Share – post or share purchased products and shopping experience on social media

This report on China’s fashion market was created in partnership with Double V. Consulting.

In our Chinese fashion brands report we analyze the market strategies of:

Marketing strategies employed by these Chinese fashion brands include

  • Comfort as the core of the product design
  • Feminist brand image
  • Extend product lines to lengthen brand’s life circle
  • Clothes designed for Asian women’s bodies
  • Actively managed consumer relationships with events and surveys
  • Transformation into a designer brand through co-branding
  • Digital transformation: from brick-and-mortar to omni-channel
  • Renew brand image by incorporating more Chinese designs
  • Becoming gender non-binary – fashion has increasingly moved toward genderless designs and silhouettes, especially when it comes to streetwear.
  • The rise of GuochaoChinese designers are adding traditional Chinese elements into their designs. At the same time, consumers are increasingly embracing Chinese cultural designs and adopt “Made in China” as a symbol of pride and cultural resonance.
  • Streetwear – combined with the power of social media, the influences of hip-hop art and stars in Asia has given inspiration to streetwear brands.
  • Green” fashionthe importance of sustainability leads more and more fashion crops and designers to focus on ethical sourcing and sustainable practices to meet the changing ethics of consumers.

Important stats for China’s fashion market

  • Oversized clothing sales of Chinese fashion brands have increased 1.5-fold year-over-year, with women contributing more than 65% of the sales.
  • Gen Z’s average purchase frequency for fast fashion was 12.5 times a year.
  • According to a CBNData survey, 34% of female respondents say style is the most important factor when purchasing clothes.
  • Men contributed 88% of the sales of floral printing T-shirts.
  • Consumption of “unisex” clothing has increased by 4.3 timesin June 2021 compared to June 2020.
  • Growth rate of product views on Xiaohongshu – Affordable Guochao products saw 70% growth rate; Mid- and high-end Guochao products – 50%

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