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China travel retail market report

Travel retail in China

Now is the prime time to start your travel retail market strategy, and this report shows why. The new duty-free policies boost domestic travel retail shopping in China, including a cancellation of the 8K RMB / person spending limit for each item. Sales of Duty-Free goods in Hainan increased 103% YoY in 2020. Lastly, Brick […]

Rising Chinese fashion brands’ secrets to success report

Chinese fashion brands report

Gen-Z is the main consumer group in the China’s fashion market. They prefer both online and offline consumption and are willing to invest in themselves and splurge on experiences. They focus on quality, identity, and express their values through consumption. This generation is shaping fashion paradigm with more diverse styles. Download our Chinese fashion brands […]

The 8 China market trends experts predict for 2021

2021 China market trends

Key insights from ChoZan’s brand new 570+ pages report unveiled It’s no question that the pandemic has brought drastic changes to our lives, be it social distancing, working from home, etc. Many businesses and people’s livelihoods are suffering. Just as we are powering through this difficult time, we turn our attention to it’s a good […]

China Report: A quick overview of the Country

China report

China Report GENERAL INFORMATION GDP:  USD 10360bn Population: 1,364 billion Languages: Mandarin, (Putonghua), Yue (Cantonese), Wu (Shanghainese), Minnan (Hokkien-Taiwanese), Xiang, Gan, Minbei (Fuzhou),  Hakka dialects, other smaller minority languages. Form of state: Communist State Next elections: 2018, presidential and legislative COUNTRY RATING Economic overview China has become the world’s manufacturing Hub since the country opened […]