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Market Research on Ajisen Restaurants in China

Fast food industry Competitors:



Pizza Hut

Yonghe King



Fast food noodles industry Competitors:

Malan Noodles

Number of restaurants:

By the end of 2012, Ajisen Restaurant has a network of 661 stores in prime locations across key cities such as Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Dalian, Hangzhou and Nanjing, with annual turnover of HK$3.043 billion in 2012.

Beijing 36

Tianjin 5

Hebei 5

Shanxi 1

Inner Mongolia 4

Heilongjiang 3

Jilin 0

Liaoning 14

Shan’xi 13

Ningxia 1

Gansu 1

Qinghai 1

Xinjiang 3

Shanghai 131

Shandong 41

Jiangxi 6

Jiangsu 75

Anhui 12

Zhejiang 47

Fujian 25

Henan 3

Hubei 15

Hunan 15

Sichuan 26

Chongqing 17

Guizhou 6

Yunnan 7

Guangdong 100

Guangxi 10

Hainan 2

Hong Kong 36

Macau 0

Taiwan 0

The business model

1. Restaurant operation

The stores are distinguished by three major attributes:

① Convenient locations

Ajisen stores are primarily located in high traffic sites such as CBD, major shopping centers, residential complexes and office buildings. Better store location helps grow the customer base while reinforcing the brand as a best-in-class fast casual food chain.

② Relaxing ambiance.

The unique designs of stores combine classic Japanese elements with a modernist touch. Tastefully done, they help whet the appetite of the customers and provide a cultural and leisurely ambiance that sets stores apart in a class of its own.

③ scrumptious food

With many kinds of dishes on the regularly renewed menu, there is something delicious for everyone. Using its original recipe cream white soup as core ingredient, it have created a tantalizing range of ramen dishes that satisfies the most discerning diners. What’s more, the signature Pork Cartilage Ramen has been certified by the Food Nutrition Committee of the China Cuisine Association as a nourishing dish.

2. Packaged Noodle Products

Apart from its fast casual food restaurant business, Ajisen (China) is also engaged in the manufacturing and sales of packaged noodles through a standardized and industrialized operation. It currently has a distribution network of about 8,000 points of sales across over 30 provinces and municipalities. The products are also exported to other countries such as Singapore, Japan and Australia.



Set meal


Cold food


Comments of Dianping (The most famous food website in China)

1. Ajisen Restaurant (Shuangjing – Beijing)

Comment 1: The spicy noodles are always my favorite. And needle mushroom with beef, I like them very much.

Comment 2: I had experiences in this restaurant twice, both of them were not good. The soup was cool. I will never go to this shop again.

Comment 3: I like the free pumpkin soup very much, It was so good.

2. Ajisen Restaurant (Paris Printemps Department Store – Shanghai)

Comment 1: It was just a restaurant for casual, nothing special. I like Set meal rather than Ramen.

Comment 2: It was my first time in this restaurant. The food was OK, but the attitude of service was really too bad.

Comment 3: We bought snacks, the taste was really good. But the service was bad. There was a customer have already gone, but the staff still didn’t give him change.

Article for Daxue China Market Research