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Market Research on Electronic Arts (EA), Entertainment in China

Electronic Arts Inc. is a leading global interactive entertainment software company. EA develops, publishes, and distributes interactive software worldwide for Internet-connected consoles, personal computers, mobile phones, tablets and social networks. EA, founded in 1982, now has over 9000 employees worldwide and has become one of the electronic entertainment giants in the world.

Market Research for the Most Popular Game Series of EA in China

The “Need for Speed” series is one of the most popular series of racing video games in China. The latest one of this series, the 17th one, “Need for Speed: Most Wanted”, has over 3.5 million sales in total now. Although the series has experienced ups and downs in its years, the “Need for Speed” is still a legendary racing game for video game fans.

The “FIFA” series is the most well-known and played football video games that EA released in China. The latest one of this series, the 13th one, which includes features of attacking intelligence, complete dribbling, 1st touch control and so forth, achieved an astonishing 4.5 billion sales just in the fifth day of its release, as is shown by a recent market research in China. The FIFA 14 has also been confirmed by EA SPORTS and will be set toward a late winter 2013 date.

The Sims” series, the most recognized strategic and life simulation video game series published by EA. When boys are crazy about sport video games, girls are also very much attracted by this series of EA. More of a sandbox game lacking defined goals, players create virtual people and control them to live their lives. “The Sims” currently has 3 series and each with several expansion packs. Some contents in expansion packs are specifically designed with Chinese elements.

The Recent Movement of EA in China

Just in February 2013, EA announced its strategic cooperation with Gamewave Group in China to carry out the Web version of the legend series of the RTS game “Red Alert”. It is said that the Gamewave Group has already began the development of that game. The “Red Alert” series is very popular and has plenty of fans in China, EA is seeking to further expand this series’ influence and popularity in China through this cooperation of the web version. EA seems to believe that this game will definitely obtain comparative advantages in the future marketing and operation, and become a satisfying piece loved by the Chinese players.

It can be seen that EA is expanding its business in China, as the China electronic entertainment market grows more and more mature, expecting great performance of the Chinese market in the long run. And from the turnover aspect, China market has become the 3rd largest market of EA in Asia.

Edited by Amy Wang from Daxue China consulting.

Picture source: bing, bing