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Market Study on Survey Monkey in China


Survey Monkey, founded in 1999, is a leading company providing web-based survey. Given its powerful online survey system, Survey Monkey has a friendly interface and attracts customers including all Fortune 100 companies and  famous academic research institutions. People who want to launch a survey can easily build a questionnaire on Survey Monkey autonomously, then spread to people and get the result efficiently and conveniently. In order to make robust analytics for your business decision making.

Survey Monkey in China

Though Survey Monkey is getting more and more popular in the world, yet inChina, it is rarely be mentioned. Why? Is the problem of language? In fact, SM supports Chinese, problems are as follows:

  1. Though Survey Monkey supports Chinese, it makes grammar mistakes sometimes, which affect the user experience;
  2. Different from the way that Chinese people prefer to answer the questionnaire;
  3. Free members can only make a questionnaire with up to 10 questions, and there are no more than 100 surveyed people for each questionnaire;
  4. No enough promotion, low visibility.

How  Chinese do surveys?

From a market research, here are some approaches that Chinese prefer:

  1. Hire students to spread paper questionnaire on campus;
  2. Send E-mail with questionnaire directly to targeted surveyed people;
  3. Initiate a survey on social websites, such as QQ Space, Weibo, Renren;
  4. Call related consumers to start a survey.

Survey Monkey’s competitors in China

In China, there are also some outstanding companies offering web-based survey. For instance, the OQSS is a famous website in China, which has already formed a huge network of regular clients and creates questionnaires for each special purpose. Its customers include Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Mobile, AMOI, China Telecom, Lenovo, TCL, Crocs, Chinese Academy of Science, etc. Besides, Diaoyanbao (调研宝) is another company. With a huge amount of advertisements, Diaoyanbao has more opportunity to work with FITs.

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