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As of Q2 2013, there is no large-scale refurbished hardware company in China that provides a sophisticated and complete industry chain from installing, educating and providing after sales service for refurbished hardware.

The refurbished hardware market has great potential. According to tech.sina.com.cn, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) are the major clients of refurbished hardware. Firstly, due to a limited budget, they would like to go for the hardware with a reasonable price. Secondly, their simple and low-budget purchase plans can’t raise the interests of big companies to provide the service. So SMEs resort to refurbished hardware. Taobao now is the camp-base for refurbished hardware that can meet SMEs’ needs. Generally, only 3~5 people run an online and entity refurbished hardware shop on taobao. The shops on Taobao mostly don’t provide installation service or after sales service. Plus, the quality of the product is also a big concern. Getting trust from the SMEs is the top issue for these companies.

There are about only 8~10 so-called professional refurbished hardware companies in Beijing. One of the best is the company below:

北京阜俫信达信息技术发展发展有限公司 https://bjflylar.b2bvip.com/

According to them, 60% of clients are SMEs. They have a guarantee to provide 10 days of replacement service and a one-year repair service (but only for parts).

More industry specifications should be set up.

These are two online shops providing various choices of refurbished hardware. They have a delivery service (probably 2~5 days) and a home maintenance service.

https://www.serverzx.com/   https://www.printerzx.com/





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