China’s metaverse: The next frontier in retail

daxue consulting China's metaverse report

In 2021, the Chinese government set Metaverse technology development as an objective for the country’s economic growth. With government incentives and a strong interest from Chinese consumers, Chinese tech giants have aggressively invested in Metaverse technology and applications ever since. VR enhanced gaming is of course one of those applications, but those technologies apply far […]

DJI in China: from a small drone to a tech tycoon


The drone “empire” of DJI began in the dormitory of college student Wang Tao in 2006. As the founder of DJI, Wang Tao has been obsessed with studying Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) all his life. After graduating from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, he was determined to pursue his dream of moving DJI […]

How Chinese mobile games are conquering the global mobile gaming market

Chinese mobile game

Global mobile gaming market has experienced tremendous growth since 2015. It has overtaken and continues to outperform PC and console as the largest gaming platform. Estimated revenue from mobile games in 2020 was $85 billion USD, accounting for 51% of the global video game revenue. With the rise of high-quality cross-platform games and popular PC/Console […]

Air conditioner market in China: The brands keeping China cool

Air conditioner market in China

According to the International Energy Agency, nearly two billion air conditioners (AC) are in use worldwide this year. This number will to increase to 5.5 billion by 2050 and China is going to drive the majority of the world’s demand. Indeed, China has boasted the fastest growth in space cooling energy consumption in the last […]

Light shows and drone advertising in China: The new era of offline advertising

In the past four years, the outdoor high-tech advertising market in China has grown at a compound annual growth rate of 18.2%, reaching 45.6 billion yuan in 2020. The development of technology, an increase in advertising space and forms, and audience contributed to the promotion of new advertising in China. New advertising is high tech […]

Huawei’s social experiment showering strangers with compliments

Huawei’s social experiment showering strangers with compliments

In its most recent campaign, Huawei is challenging China’s reserved culture by encouraging strangers at bus stops to exchange compliments through their Vision TVs. On 21st May 2021, Huawei released a commercial for its smart TV Vision V Series, 赞美始发站 Station of Compliments. But the commercial was no standard campaign; it was Huawei’s social experiment. […]

Huawei’s market strategy during a really, really rough year

Huawei's market strategy

For Huawei’s smartphone business, 2020 was particularly difficult. On the one hand, under the trade ban signed by the United States in 2019, Huawei’s smartphones sold overseas cannot be equipped with Google’s GMS (Google Mobile Service), which has seriously affected their overseas sales of smartphones. Even though the Chinese smartphone brand launched HMS (Huawei Mobile […]