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Open a French Restaurant in China

How to open a French restaurant in China? For foreigners, it is really difficult to begin such business without any knowledge of it, not to mention the complex Chinese culture.

Choose the Restaurant’s Location

Before opening the French restaurant, it is important to find a good commercial center to do this. In Beijing, most of the people work in the Chaoyang district. So for a restaurant which is located in Shijingshan, in the north west of Beijing, there will not be many clients. Because it is not a good choice to take two hours’ on transport to have dinner. But this is not to say that Chaoyang District is always the best place to open a French restaurant. As we all know, a lot of people choose to do business here, so that we cannot neglect the fierce competition in this district. It is better to do some market research before deciding where to open the restaurant. For example, it is better to know the number of restaurants in the chosen street, the number of parking around the restaurant and so on.

French Restaurant’s Registration in China

In China, getting the certificates for opening a restaurant is very important. But which are the necessary certificates for it? The loge certificate, the registration certificate, the environmental friendly certificate. Where to get these certificates and documents? In the regional tax minister, the local health minister and the local real estate minister.

Target Clients

If the French restaurant director wants to win in the fierce competition of numerous competitors in the Chinese market, choosing the target clients is necessary. Firstly, you have to analyze the clients in the district you choose to open the restaurant, their salaries, their budgets for meal and their real expense on meal. If it is possible, you can make some questionnaires.

In addition, the chef of restaurant also has to know about the local taste.