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Consulting in China: Printers market

Statistical data from China Printing Machinery’s network of experts and Printing Equipment Industries Association of Machinery Branch show that in the first half, the printing machinery industry realized an industrial output value of 2.49 billion yuan, down 26.4% ; achieved sales revenue of 2.61 billion yuan, down 18.4%, total profit of 125.42 million yuan, down […]

Market analysis in China

Definition of Market Analysis Market analysis is a type of business intelligence that supplies a large amount of data which is worth analyzing fully and intelligently. Having a good research analysis would give the enterprises a clear vision of China market. Methods of Marketing Research Using by Chinese Consulting Companies Consulting companies will then use […]

Internet Consulting in China

The General Overview of Internet Consulting in China With the explosion of internet, the so-called Internet Consulting is on the way expanding. Internet consulting is a broad term that is applied to the task of evaluating and developing strategies for businesses that wish to function on the Internet. The consulting may take the form of […]

Delysee, Giftboxes of activies in China

D’Elysee ( was created in July 2010 and we delivered our first products in December 2010. As a reminder, Delysee ( is a company which offers innovative giftboxes of activities for each festival and business occasion. Inside each giftbox, the person who receives the box can choose among a choice of 12 to 60 activities […]

Market entry: E-Commerce Website in China

Starting an E-Commerce company in China To start a business in China may be complicated, but China is perfect for both e-commerce (you can produce for cheap and sell at high prices in the same country) and for e-business (everyone speaks the same language, and nobody outside can copy your new idea because of the […]

Open a French Restaurant in China

How to open a French restaurant in China? For foreigners, it is really difficult to begin such business without any knowledge of it, not to mention the complex Chinese culture. Choose the Restaurant’s Location Before opening the French restaurant, it is important to find a good commercial center to do this. In Beijing, most of […]