Run Shanghai restaurants & bars

China Paradigm 112: Opening 8 Shanghai restaurants & clubs in 4 years based on data and tactful branding

Run Shanghai restaurants, bars & clubs

Matthieu David interviews Gennadii Bochkar and Chen Feng (Fiona) partners and Co-founders at BIBIMI Group with 10 venues in Shanghai. Situated between the fast-casual and casual dining experiences, the BIBIMI group manages 10 venues successfully and planning to open new spots and even night clubs. But how do they manage such a managerial workload, what principles do they rely upon when building a new venue and how important is social media for their business? Find out the answers to these questions and more on this new China Paradigm interview.

  • 4:48 Current size of BIBIMI group and revenue
  • 7:19 Brief group history
  • 15:06 What was the vision of scaling from Bites&Brew to the BIBIMI group?
  • 16:54 Fast casual and casual dining – why is the BIBIMI group in between?
  • 20:31 The Beginning – was money raised to start or to grow the business?
  • 22:02 What were the investments required to scale the business?
  • 27:54 The principles involved in building a new concept for a restaurant
  • 31:46 Leveraging social media for building new restaurant concepts
  • 38:17 How does BIBIMI group’s competition look like?
  • 41:02 Did the coronavirus outbreak affect the BIBIMI group’s business in a positive way?
  • 43:47 What economy of scale strategies can BIBIMI group employ in the future?
  • 46:18 It’s all about having a great backend strategy
  • 47:52 What software does the BIBIMI group rely upon in their day to day business?
  • 50:48 What are Fiona’s responsibilities within the group?
  • 53:43 Is the interior design service internalized or externalized?
  • 57:37 Paying back investors – a BIBIMI group timeline
  • 1:01:00 How does Fiona handle Gennadii not being involved in the business full time?
  • 1:03:10 What books have inspired Fiona in her entrepreneurial journey?
  • 1:06:12 What books have inspired Gennadii in his entrepreneurial journey?

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