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Wellness industry in China: traditional Chinese medicine, mental health apps, and USD10 billion spa empire

Wellness industry in China

The wellness industry focuses on products and services that promote health, well-being, and overall quality of life. It encompasses fitness, nutrition, personal care, mental health, alternative medicine, spa treatments, and more. The wellness industry in China is propelled by the younger generation’s emphasis on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), mental health, and aesthetic spa experiences. Furthermore, […]

“First-generation internet-famous bubble tea stores are low-key shutting down”: Trending hashtag on Chinese social media

bubble tea sales in China

Once a national obsession among Chinese young people, traditional milk tea appears to be losing its appeal. In the 1st week of December, Weibo netizens were discussing that #first-generation internet-famous bubble tea stores are low-key shutting down# (初代网红奶茶店开始悄悄倒闭). This hashtag garnered over 180 million views within four days. One of China’s most popular milk tea brands, Yi […]

What happens when luxury fashion brands tap into the F&B industry in China

Luxury brands are venturing outside of their core market segment, especially when it comes to Asia. Beyond expanding into fashion-related sectors, such as beauty and jewelry, several luxury fashion brands decided to tap into the F&B industry. In 2015, Gucci made the move to open a restaurant called “1921 Gucci Café” in Shanghai’s luxury shopping […]

Glocalization in China: how international F&B brands appeal to Chinese consumers


China’s F&B industry has dramatically evolved over the past decades, reaching 172 billion RMB market value in 2019. Due to the various types of eating habits and tastes of Chinese consumers, F&B brands need to be careful about their strategies when entering the market. In recent years, food shopping habits have drastically changed in China. […]

Here’s what F&B businesses need to know about China’s 2022 food import law

On the 13th of April 2021, the General Administration of Customs of P.R. China (GACC) released two new decrees affecting the food import law. Taking effect on the 1st of January, 2022, decrees 248 and 249 are raising concerns and questions from food importers worldwide, as it is more and more difficult to pass “China’s […]

China Paradigm 103: Creating 5 iconic restaurants in 3 different Asian cities

restaurant business in China

Run restaurants in Asia Matthieu David interviews Philippe Ricard, Founder of La Creperie in Asia. The restaurant business in Asia and all around the world took a big hit with the coronavirus outbreak. But there are some places that can survive anything. La Creperie is a well-established brand in China, Vietnam, and Hong Kong because […]

China Paradigm 98: Tapping into China’s natural ingredients niche in F&B

natural ingredients in China

China’s natural ingredients Matthieu David interviews Gordon Dumoulin, founder and CEO at Dumoco Natural Ingredients. When it comes to eating healthy everyone knows that “natural” is the way to go. But where does Gordon’s company fit on the Chinese F&B market? (read an article about Frozen food market in China). Is there a need for an […]

China Paradigm 97: Distributing food products in China

Distributing food products in China

Distributing food products in China Matthieu David interviews David Beutin, Sales Manager – HORECA Food Service at Lactalis International. HORECA was and is one of the most impacted business industries by the Coronavirus outbreak. How does a food service company manage to recover from such a crisis in China and how different is the business […]

Podcast transcript #87: Promote innovation through cooking experience in China

cooking food workshop in China

Find here the China Paradigm 87 and find out how to bring innovation through cooking experience in China and how cooking food workshops in China can allow Chinese employees to increase and free their creativity. Full transcript below Matthieu David: Hello everyone, this is China paradigm, where we Daxue consulting, interview season entrepreneurs in China. […]

China Paradigm 87: Learning business innovation in China through cooking

business innovation in China

Matthieu David interviews Sandrine Delabrière, Innovation & Strategic marketing consultant, Food expert – certified Chef, instructor & author. Is innovation something that can be taught? In this episode, we learn about teaching innovation through cooking and how Sandrine has managed to build her company by helping other companies think strategically and creatively. Her workshops are […]