OPPO’s mystery campaign triggered half a million Chinese netizens to scour the internet searching for “Meteors”

On December 2nd, OPPO launched a mystery campaign one week after the release of its new phone, the OPPO Reno7. The 120-hour limited mystery challenge – “Treasure of the Meteor Shower” (流星雨的宝藏 in Chinese) comes with a prize reward of the new Reno7 phone, which instantly attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of netizens.

Source: OPPO Weibo Official, Reno7 Pro

OPPO’s objective was to connect with younger consumers due to their loyalty to social media apps and passion for gaming. As OPPO always does, this campaign caters to its consumers and interacts with them through all social media channels, including RED (小红书 in Chinese), Weibo and Douyin, to reinforce its influence.

Source: OPPO Weibo Official, tips for the games

The game has attracted over 500,000 people to search for clues of the 77 puzzles, which have been hidden in all corners of OPPO’s online network, including the official flagship store, Tmall, Weibo, WeChat, and Douyin. These puzzles included posters, graphics, short films as well as art paintings. In the process of solving these puzzles, OPPO leads consumers to become the protagonists of this campaign.

Source: OPPO Weibo Official, a poster with the clue

OPPO and Tmall inspired cross-platform integration linking brands from different industries. For example, Chinese National Astronomy (中国国家天文 in Chinese, a Chinese astronomy magazine) has mentioned OPPO while announcing the Meteor Shower information on Weibo.

Source: OPPO Weibo Official, OPPO’s partners of this campaign

This campaign created a buzz amongst consumers over the five-day period. As a result, although the campaign has ended, OPPO successfully won support from both brands and consumers through this campaign. The last mystery finalized the campaign with a video delivering its true meaning – wishing players to find the treasure of the “Meteor Shower” in daily life.

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