We are your China strategic research partner

Daxue Consulting is a market research and strategy consulting company utilizing a wide selection of qualitative and quantitative methodologies aimed to guide foreign clients to orientate in the Chinese market and Chinese companies to expand abroad.

Due to the peculiarities of China’s socio-economic framework and its unique culture, China consulting companies do a valuable job in helping foreign companies and investors to expand their business in the Middle Kingdom, and vice versa.

Boutique consulting firms in China such as Daxue Consulting can provide their clients with innovative specialist advice at a more competitive price than big foreign consulting companies.

How we provide reliable consulting services in China


Through utilizing both qualitative and quantitative methods, our team can help brands identify and capitalize on current opportunities in the world’s second largest economy.


Our consultants master a broad range of consumer research solutions, smartly designed to identify and satisfy Chinese consumers’ needs.


We offer several tech-assisted research methodologies meant to make data more accessible for our clients.


Thanks to their deep understanding of the Chinese market, our consultants can give clients useful hints for improving your performance in China.


Daxue Consulting helps clients adopt the most suitable strategy and organizational structure to succeed in the Chinese market.

When to opt for China consulting services

China consulting services offer valuable expertise and guidance to brands seeking to navigate the complexities of the Chinese market. These services cover a range of areas, including market entry strategies, cultural adaptation, supply chain optimization, regulatory compliance, partner identification, and crisis management. By leveraging their in-depth knowledge of the Chinese business landscape, consultants provide insights and customized solutions to help brands overcome challenges and capitalize on opportunities. Whether it’s understanding consumer behavior, localizing products and marketing campaigns, or establishing strong relationships with stakeholders, China consulting services provide the necessary support for brands to thrive in the dynamic and competitive Chinese market.

What China Consulting brings you

Get ready for the Chinese market

The Chinese market holds tremendous opportunities, but also dangerous threats. Hence the importance to conduct ad-hoc market research.

Learn more about Chinese consumers

In order to capture Chinese consumers, it is key having a clear picture of their needs, desires and expectations.

Leverage your company culture and identity

Developing a good branding strategy is key to gain competitive edge over both domestic and foreign competitors.

They trust us

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