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Market Research on Sisley Cosmetics in China

Compared with Estee Lauder or L’Oreal Paris, Sisley Cosmetics is a much younger brand– it was set up in year 1976 by Hubert d’ Ornano, an aristocrat in France whose father was one of the initiators of Lancome and Orlane, and his wife, who has royal lineage of Poland. It was created under the motto ‘scientifically prove the beauty enhancing effect of plants’. Interestingly, there is a clothing brand also named Sisley. Despite its short history, Sisley Cosmetics has now become one of the world’s most famous high end skin care products, with its fans in over 80 countries in the world, with is pursuit for perfection, high quality, absolute safety and adaptability.

Sisley Cosmetics sets very strict and high standards for its new products. It does not issue new products at a high frequency. Also, it never saves money on new product development. Instead, it invest large amounts of money into R&D every year, and aims at making breakthroughs. Before a product can be put into market, it must be better than all other products in this category. Even though the time for R&D may be 10 years long, this rule must be obeyed. All products of Sisley Cosmetics come from its factory in Paris to ensure product consistency. It is one of the safest brands that are recognized by skin professors. Celebrities like Queen Elizabeth, Queen Diana are all fans of it.

Sisley Cosmetics came into China in year 2001, when it opened its first special counter in Saite(赛特) Mall in Beijing(北京), but it took half a year on market research in China before that. The major target consumers are gold collar workers, private businesspeople, and managers in foreign enterprises. In 2002, Sisley Cosmetics expanded its China market, but still at a steady and cautious pace. With high performance in special counters in Beijing(北京), Shanghai(上海) and Chongqing(重庆), Sisley Cosmetics increased investment in market expanding, and up to the end of 2004, Sisley had had 13 special counters, and the sales value grow by 100%. Up until November, 2007, it had had special counters in 17 cities in China, like Ningbo(宁波), Wuhan(武汉), and Zhengzhou(郑州). Later it also entered Qingdao(青岛), Suzhou(苏州), Yangzhou(扬州), Changsha(长沙) and Chengdu(成都). In May, 2012, it had its 79th special counter in China.

In 2011, Sisley Cosmetics opened its website and participated in E-commerce. According to market research, China’s consumption for luxury goods have been rising, and people are knowing more and more about high end brands abroad. Sisley Cosmetics now expects to expand its market into lower tier cities, and increase its retailing channels.

Edited for Daxue Consultant China and China Market Research

Credit Photo: Baidu