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Retail & distribution strategies (4/6): implement your strategy

Once the data is collected, the aim is to set up a strategy, the strategy depends on the first 2 parts of the retail & distribution methodology. It also involves a business plan, the allocation of investments,  an analysis of all the options, location checks.

Diagnostic Flow Chart (multi-choices options). Daxue Consulting is listing the options available for the client (diagnostic flow chart) and from the choice of each action, we list the following options and their cost as well as opportunities.

–Diagnostic flow chart lists all the options available,
–For each option follows other options and so on with 1. the cost 2. the opportunity to choose it 3. the drawbacks (SWOT),
–The aim is to see in case of change of strategies what could happen and as a consequence choose the most suitable option.


Double-check a location. Daxue Consulting makes it possible to check the opportunities to choose a specific location through data collected on the specific location.

–Affluence counting, number of customers coming in and out for a specific commercial area one week/month,
–Estimates of the average purchase for the specific targeted sector,
–Estimates of the whole turnover. We conclude on opportunities to catch,
–Comparative analysis of affluence and purchasing power among the different areas where investigation was done.


Business Plan. Daxue Consulting builds and writes down a Business Plan for the next 3 years of operations.

–A business plan gathers directions and can be a support to raise investment,
–The business plan aims at giving a plan for the next 3 years,
–It involves a 3 year-Cash-Flows statements,
–A summary of the market analysis is done at the same time.


Allocation of investments. Daxue Consulting prices the amount of investment accurate for your project.

–Following the first parts of the business plans, it aims at giving precise ideas of the  investment allocation,
–3 plans are made: low, medium, high,
–The pricing is accurate as it is asked to professionals already in China and made by experienced professionals.