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According to research conducted by Daxue Consulting Chinese government supports matters such as the development of robots with massive investments. A lot of Chinese factories are replacing human workers with machines. The demand for robotic solutions in China is evolving rapidly in the industrial sector. It jumped from $ 404 million up to $ 2.7 billion in 2016 and Statista expects it to reach $ 5.3 billion in 2021.

An international provider of robotic solutions in China cares about its employees

Daxue Consulting’s client, one of the global leaders in industrial automation, employs over 14,000 people in 13 countries. The company, providing robotic solutions in China’s industrial sector, approached Daxue Consulting to assist in refining its HR practices to reduce their turnover rate in the Chinese firms.

Daxue held Focus Groups to investigate the employees’ feelings towards the workplace

As a first step, Daxue’s team carried out a small desk research and organized the preparation and design for the focus groups. It enabled them to gain an overview of the market and common practices in the segment of robotic solutions in China. The consultants also cooperated with the client to get to know the background of the company, as well as their challenges and current HR methods. Accordingly, Daxue Consulting could create the guidelines and the questionnaires, including pre- and call-back ones.

The next phase included recruitment and briefing of moderators and project assistants. Daxue Consulting provided them with knowledgeable information about robotic solutions in China, gathered from the first step of the study. Additionally, the team explained the scope and objectives of the focus group discussions.

Before the actual focus group sessions, each of the recruited participants had to answer the prepared pre-questionnaire to prepare their minds on the one hand, but also to enable Daxue’s team to notice dissimilarities in their answers depending on their social environment.

The experienced and trained moderator created a lively discussion while narrowing down the beginning broad questions to the core with precise questions. Professional interpreters prepared a simultaneous translation. Questions comprised, for instance,

Several days after the sessions, Daxue Consulting conducted call-back questionnaires with the participants. It enabled the team to indicate potential biases and to collect additional comments on other opinions.

Daxue Consulting helped the client with implementing the new HR methods

The consultants prepared a summary of relevant keywords, which the team could easily recall through the used tools during the focus group discussions, such as paper boards, video or voice recorders. Finally, Daxue Consulting conducted a horizontal as well as a vertical analysis and provided the client with valuable insights about the employees’ wishes, doubts, suggestions, critics, and convictions. The team emphasized the participants’ contradictions with initial perceptions of the job providing robotic solutions in China. Additionally, Daxue’s research team gave actionable advice and supported the client during a 2-day-workshop with implementing and assessing it.

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