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South Korea consumer trends report

South Korea consumer trends report

After experiencing decades of rapid economic growth, South Korea has established itself as a trend-setting nation, with the Hallyu (Korea wave) spreading its pop-culture worldwide. This report on South Korea consumer trends covers three key industries of beauty, food and beverage, and travel, along with retail and digital trends that shape not only what, but how Koreans consume.

Download to learn:

  • How Korean demographics are changing, and the impact on consumption
  • Household consumption trends and breakdown in Korea
  • Societal changes and the dynamic between traditional culture and new ideas
  • In-depth analysis of Kbeaty, F&B, and travel industries
  • Deep dives on consumer ideology and trend chasing

Key stats on Korean consumption:

  • South Korea’s per capita GDP is $34,990 (USD), which is lower than Japan but higher than Spain
  • Most household consumption is spent on food and beverage products, at 15.9%, followed by restaurants and hotels at 13.5%
  • 27% of South Koreans live alone, which gives rise to convenience meals, single travel, and digital entertainment.
  • As of 2020, 82% of South Koreans are urbanites (Compared to China’s 64.7% living in urban areas)

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