How brands are biting into Chinese mooncake culture

Mooncake culture in China

Every mid-autumn festival Chinese people celebrate by spending time with their loved ones while exchanging and eating mooncakes, densely baked pastries that come with a wide variety of fillings. The festival is deeply rooted in ancient tradition and there are several legends about its origin, but the most convincing explanation is that it is closely […]

Market Tidbits transcript #6: Nostalgia marketing in China

brands doing nostalgia marketing in China

Allison Malmsten, media manager at daxue consulting, is talking with Grace Yu, project manager at daxue consulting, about nostalgia marketing in China. Our full findings are available for you to download! What is nostalgia marketing? Grace Yu: Nostalgia marketing is appealing to the emotions people felt between the ages of 12 and 22. During this […]

Advantages of Brand Independence in China

Advantages of brand independence in China

What is Brand Independence? Brand independence refers to a brand not relying on any other third party channels such as online marketplaces to sell products. In this case, the traffic will be driven from independent sales channels such as the brand’s own website. Brands, in turn, can manage their own identity, assets, and digital assets […]

Podcast transcript #55: Developing creative branding strategies in China

creative branding strategies in China

Find here the China paradigm episode 55. Learn more about Steven Proud’s story developing creative branding strategies in China and find all the details and additional links below. Full transcript below: Matthieu David:  Hello, everyone. I’m Matthieu David, the founder of Daxue Consulting Strategy Market Research Company based in China and this podcast, China Paradigm. […]