[Podcast] China paradigm #22: How to run an international creative agency in China

China paradigm - Louis Houdart

China Paradigm interviews Louis Houdart, group CEO and founder of Creative Capital. In this episode, we learn how to put a soul into a brand, what is the difference between a brand and a retailer, how to attract Chinese clients, Louis elaborates on the examples of Zara, Louis Vuitton, and InnisFree to describe what makes […]

Navigating the M&A process in China today

A well-conceived merger and acquisition process (M&A process) between a Chinese buyer and a foreign target company can produce great value for all stakeholders. This is because Chinese buyers are becoming increasingly proficient and sophisticated in the M&A process, as evidenced by the high volume of international deals executed over the past three years. Forecasts […]

Market research China: corporate training outsourcing in Shanghai

corporate training Shanghai

Market research China: corporate training outsourcing in Shanghai The market research has been conducted to give a rough estimation of the market size of corporate training in Shanghai for SOEs (State Owned Enterprises). Such “corporate training” refers to those can be outsourced by enterprises to training outsourcing companies. What is corporate training outsourcing? Corporate training […]

Opportunities and Risks of China Market Entry

market entry strategy China

Opportunities and Risks of China Market Entry Why entering China market? China`s economy has continued to grow with an average growth rate of 9.2% over the last five years. With the country poised to overtake the US as the second largest global economy by 2020 and destined to remain an engine of global growth for […]

Cross Cultural Adaptation in China

Recently, China has witnessed a tremendous flow of foreign direct investment and there are a increasing number of foreign businessmen working in Sino-foreign joint ventures, foreign representative offices, wholly foreign-owned subsidiaries and branches. Although all Chinese expatriates encountered some cultural shocks and were greatly affected by communication, language, religious and traditional issues, several effective measures […]

Consultancy in China

Daxue Consulting Office- Daxue Consulting-Daxue consulting china-consultancy in china

After China`s accession to WTO, further internationalization of Chinese enterprises gives rise to the emergence of consultancy and stimulate its expansion in China. Consultancy industry is playing an increasing role in promoting China`s economic growth. With the entry of international consulting companies into China`s consultancy market, local consultancy industry began to learn from advanced competitors […]

Hospital industry in China

Thanks to the market demand stimulus and stable influx of national investment, Chinese hospital industry has maintained stable growth in recent years. By March 2013, China had a total of 23,510 hospitals; 13,344 are state-owned hospitals and 10,166 private-owned hospitals with an AAGR of 14.69% compared to 2012. In particular, the proportion of private-owned hospitals […]

What are the key drivers to success on Chinese B2C Market? (2/2)

Tmall VS. Shangpin Tmall Tmall, spun off from Taobao into a separate business in 2012, is the largest B2C e-commerce platform in China. The site stocks over 70,000 Chinese and international brands and sells almost everything from socks to laptops. According to the Alibaba Group, Tmall’s gross merchandise value exceeded 100 billion RMB in 2011 […]

What are the key drivers to success on Chinese B2C Market? (1/2)

Few technologies have impacted China as profoundly as the Internet, which has changed almost every aspect of our lives, including the way we communicate with each other, how we keep track of our finances, how we do research, and even where and how we buy things. E-commerce has been growing steadily every year in breadth […]