Daxue Talks transcript #42: Mastering B2B online marketing in China

B2B e-marketing

In this episode of Daxue Talks Olivier Verot, a digital marketing specialist, talks about mastering B2B online marketing in China. Full transcript below: What are the differences between the West and China when it comes to B2B e-marketing?  The main difference for me is the concept of e-reputation. In the West, you look for information, find a […]

Chinese New Retail giants are going global and social | Daxue Consulting

Chinese new retail giants

Chinese new retail Alibaba, JD and Tencent are well-known Chinese tech giants. They’re also Chinese New Retail giants What is New Retail? It’s a consumer-centric, data-driven approach that merges online and offline interactions as well as elements of traditional retail, social media and entertainment in the shopping experience. It not only improves shopping for customers […]

[Podcast] China paradigm #20: How to get the most out of XiaoHongShu

China marketing podcast - Daxue consulting interviews Miro Li

China Paradigm interviews Miro Li, Co-founder of Double V. Consulting, a consulting firm helping foreign enterprises master China’s ecommerce scene. This episode zeros in on XiaoHongShu, a growing ecommerce-social media app in China. Miro Li explains who uses XiaoHongShu and why they use it, how foreign brands can set up a XiaoHongShu account, and how […]

[Podcast] China paradigm #17: How to best engage consumers in China

China marketing podcast 17

In this episode of China Paradigm, Matthieu David interviews Eliza Mao, the customer service director at SPLIO, an omnichannel marketing platform helping brands manage their loyalty programs and marketing campaigns from one platform. In this interview, Eliza shares WeChat marketing strategies, online and offline strategy for customer engagement, and explains how to carry out successful […]

Tencent introduced WeChat payments for foreigners in China

  Tencent introduced WeChat payments for foreigners in China When it comes to WeChat and its business optimization, Thomas Graziani is probably one of the most significant voices in China. We have met the co-founder of WalktheChat in Beijing. We discussed about Wechat payments for foreigners in China. WeChat is aggressively trying to expand outside […]