Ethical Brands VS Fast Fashion Brands in China

Fashion Brands in China

The new trendy word in China is sustainable, given the arrival of new products and green initiatives in the Chinese market. Many Chinese fashion brands have joined this new green trend and are becoming more Eco-conscious. At the current time, it is considered as a good commercial investment to go green in China, and this […]

MetersBonwe: A Chinese Brand at Trough

Daxue Consulting - Metersbonwe in China

China’s Biggest High Street Brand Facing the Cold Winter MetersBonwe (In Chinese: Meters/bonwe 官方网站) has achieved the most popular high street brand in China in 16 years. Chairman Zhou Chengjian won the “Hu Run clothing list”  one the richest man of the country, solidifying his position on the clothing industry in China. The company has […]

Market research: The boom of Fast-fashion brands in China | Daxue Consulting

China’s fast fashion market

Over the past few years, fast-fashion is growing in popularity in China and attracting more and more foreign brands-such as H&M and Zara, which offer Chinese fashionistas low-price stylish clothes. As a result, the average product cycle of fast-fashion brands in China is only 15 days. Moreover, increasing complaints about the quality have been coming […]