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Ethical Brands VS Fast Fashion Brands in China

Ethical Brands VS Fast Fashion Brands in China

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Daxue Consulting is a China-based market research and strategic consulting agency. Our team has worked with over 300 international brands in the last 5 years, including industries such as F&B, education, luxury, cosmetics, digital and high-tech, but also industrial projects in B2B sectors. We conduct all research methodologies internally with a full coverage of Mainland China to provide market sizing, consumer research, promotion and distribution plan design, competition benchmark et others. Our consultants have been quoted in media such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Financial Times, the New York Times, South China Morning Post, China Daily, Reuters, Le Monde, Les Echos.

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szamani - February 22, 2017

Many thanks
Thoses articles are insightfull
I was the only non chinese in my class in london during the last term (Supply Chain).
Not only it was a rich cultural encounter but I noticed that my fellows like be dressed with high-end clothes and have a smart taste for fashion indeed.
Buying luxury items is easy but selecting craftsmen masterpieces, wearing them on the right tone is an art. Chinese travelling around the world gives a subtle interpretation of luxury style which even outpace the classical fashion cliches of some of their luxury brands advertisement message.
Interestingly the ethical/sustainability standard of the supply chain seems to be a focal point in the evolution of the fashion luxury Industry. Elite customers (in terms of knowledge) are better informed about the significance of environmental crisis that mainstream consumers . In this way they may tend to be more and more selective in their purchasing behavior. For the act of buying sustainably could be comprehended as a forward-thinking human act of engagement to enhance the impact on their environment health. It may be considered as a cleverness indicator and suggest a high sensitivity to precious value of nature.
It is a great news that is likely to spark a promising switch in the fashion Industry , one of the most important polluting industry. Traces of chemicals that can pollute waterways in children’s clothing and shoes were detected in luxury brands such as LVMH Marc Jacobs or Armani (greenpeace).Consequently unsustainable becoming old fashion, for smart reason, even Louis Vuitton could expect a downturn.
Even in terms of style, the history of a shoe for example fusion with the way it was done and the materials used. Then if a luxury brand could it be dior or hermes uses harmful chemicals it may affect the outcome and the effect of the finished product.
Chinese is one of the traditional cultures that embeds profound respect for the environment it may explain the success of the ethical brands mentioned on the article.


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