Temu: PDD’s direct challenge to industry giant Shein

Pinduoduo’s cross-border platform Temu is off to a promising start. The platform ranks 2nd in the shopping section of Apple’s App Store in the US, following behind Amazon Shopping, with 3.8 stars ranked by 339 people, according to Sensor Tower statistics on 17th October, 2022. The app is regarded as a successor to Chinese online […]

Daxue Talks transcript #88: The best platforms for fashion marketing in China

The best platforms for fashion marketing in China Find here Daxue Talks 88. Click here to listen to Olivier Verot, founder of Gentleman Marketing Agency (GMA), share his knowledge on how to attract and convert online traffic and which are the best platforms for fashion marketing in China. Full transcript below Welcome to Daxue Talks, a […]

The complete guide to Clothes Distribution in China

clothes distribution in China

Clothes distribution in China is shifting from offline to online. Online platforms are increasingly sophisticated, and brands must evaluate which platforms have the highest return on investment. Luxury, fast fashion, foreign and domestic brands all have unique needs which can be met by different distribution channels. Despite consumers turning more to online channels, offline channels […]

China’s winter apparel market is taking off with winter sports and winter tourism

With a middle class that is growing by the tens of millions, China is home to many size-able and burgeoning markets. Some of these markets are powerhouses in themselves when measured in comparison to those of other nations. Over the years, China’s various markets have doubled, tripled and even quintupled in size. Some have however […]

The Fast Fashion Industry in China Dresses the New Mix & Match Generation

The fast fashion market in China

The fast fashion market in China is in flux and there are some ongoing trends brands should be aware of in order to avoid getting left behind. Sales in China’s apparel market have reached over CNY 2,077 billion in 2018, growing at 7.8% YOY, which is the fastest growth rate since 2014. It is predicted […]

Increasing Spending in Affordable Luxury in China

The demands for luxury brand products are always high in China in comparison to most western countries. It is not uncommon for Chinese white-collars to save up to buy high-end, luxury goods. In recent years, a market for more affordable luxury goods (平价奢侈品) emerges in China and is gaining popularity among the Chinese consumers. A […]

Ethical Brands VS Fast Fashion Brands in China

Fashion Brands in China

The new trendy word in China is sustainable, given the arrival of new products and green initiatives in the Chinese market. Many Chinese fashion brands have joined this new green trend and are becoming more Eco-conscious. At the current time, it is considered as a good commercial investment to go green in China, and this […]

Market research: The boom of Fast-fashion brands in China | Daxue Consulting

China’s fast fashion market

Over the past few years, fast-fashion is growing in popularity in China and attracting more and more foreign brands-such as H&M and Zara, which offer Chinese fashionistas low-price stylish clothes. As a result, the average product cycle of fast-fashion brands in China is only 15 days. Moreover, increasing complaints about the quality have been coming […]