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Happily unmarried: A peek into singles economy in China

singles economy in China

As the population ages and the national birthrate keeps on declining, China undergoes another deep transformation which will leave a mark on the country’s social and economic structure. According to China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs, from 2014 on, the amount of marriages gradually dropped over the years: in 2019, about 9.3 million couples tied the […]

Meituan’s market strategy in China now includes private traffic

Meituan’s market strategy

As a Chinese leading online-to-offline (O2O) life service platform, Meituan aims to help hundreds of millions of consumers eat and live more conveniently. Founded by Wang Xing in 2010, Meituan has gradually expanded its business lines from food delivery to more diverse categories, including bike-sharing, hotel and travel booking and online grocery. During the COVID-19 […]

Eleme and Hanyi Fonts’ punny co-branded delivery bag

China co-branding campaign and hanyi fonts

In December 2020, and Hanyi fonts launched a clever and punny collaboration on delivery bags. (饿了么) is one of the largest online food delivery platforms in China, and a successful example of the O2O model. Hanyi Fonts (汉仪字库), founded in 1993 in Beijing. Hanyi Fonts specializes in e-font design and development, as well as […]

China Paradigm Transcript #104: Tackling an expansive market: From food delivery business to teeth straightening products in China

teeth straightening products China

Find here China Paradigm episode 104. In this interview, Lucas Englehardt tells us about his two contrasting businesses in China: the food delivery platform Waimaichaoren and the oral care business xixilab, which offers teeth straightening products in China. Full transcript below: Welcome to China Paradigm, a show powered by Daxue Consulting, where we interview season entrepreneurs […]

Mobility in China: Opportunities and challenges of when ride-hailing meets delivery

Meituan officially launched its own ride-hailing APP Meituan Dache (美团打车Meituan ride-hailing) for Shanghai and Nanjing’s markets. Meituan Dianping is a Chinese website and APP for food delivery services, consumer products and retail services. As a very typical representative of mobility in China, Meituan Dianping was originally called Meituan. After merging with Dazhong Dianping it changed […]