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Diverse demographics, dynamic markets: exploring health market in China post-COVID

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Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the health market in China has experienced notable transformations, adapting to new consumer behaviors and healthcare priorities. With a burgeoning emphasis on wellness and preventive care, coupled with advancements in technology and a growing aging population, the Chinese healthcare market has demonstrated resilience and sustained growth. By 2030, it is projected […]

Gen Z emerges as a new advocate for Traditional Chinese Medicine

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The emergence of Generation Z as vocal proponents of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is unmistakably evident across various digital platforms. Short videos featuring demonstrations of the “Eight Brocades” exercise have amassed over 30 million views, accompanied by an impressive 33,000 barrage comments. Moreover, the phenomenon of crowded massage departments in hospitals, predominantly filled with young […]

Plant-based milk in China: is the future of milk vegan?

Plant-based milk in China

Plant-based milk in China has gained increasing popularity as an alternative to traditional dairy milk. Driven by various factors including increasing health consciousness, environmental concerns, and lactose intolerance among consumers, this trend is expected to grow even more, opening unique opportunities for new brands in the Chinese market. Increasing demand of milk substitutes, with soy […]

How do Chinese people lose weight?

In 2021, over one in seven Chinese people were overweight. In combination with this statistic, the beauty standards in China are relatively unforgiving towards extra weight. As a result, China’s demand for weight loss remedies is rising quickly. But to penetrate China’s weight loss market, the question is how do Chinese people lose weight? Chinese […]

Survey on fitness beliefs and exercise habits in China

survey on fitness habits in China

The scale of the Chinese sports and fitness industry is exploding. According to data compiled by the Chinese General Administration of Sports, from 2016 to 2025, the number of athletically engaged people in China will grow by 39%, from 360 million to 500 million. Not only will there be more athletes and fitness fans, but […]

E-commerce is the most important channel in health food distribution in China

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The most important sales channels for health food distribution in China can be divided into different types of distributors. Supermarkets and hypermarkets Premium sales channels Warehouses and new concept shopping E-commerce Direct sales Supermarkets, hyper markets remain the most important and popular sales channels for the health food distribution in China. Super and hyper markets […]

China Paradigm Transcript #107: Spa industry in China

spa training in China

Find here China Paradigm episode 107. In this interview, Johnny Chang tells us about the spa industry in China and his business Spa Solutions. Full transcript below: Today I am joined by Johnny Chang, founder and CEO of Spa Solutions since 2003. That’s over 17 years of providing solutions in the hotel and regular spa industry in China. […]

China Paradigm 107: All you need to know about the spa business in China

SPA management

Matthieu David interviews Johnny Chang Founder at Spa Solutions Training and Management Consultancy Ltd., Shanghai. How big is the spa industry in China and how much more of a quality service does it offer compared to the West? What training does Spa Solutions offer emerging spa businesses and in what way is the spa industry […]

Booming of Detox Drinks in China: A Shifting Strategy


To know more about the Detox Drinks in China, contact us at Booming of Detox Drinks in China: Companies are shifting their strategy to meet the increasing demand According to market research conducted by Daxue Consulting, the Chinese are one of the world’s most health conscious people. This is likely because food scandals occur […]